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With Bro Radio you're not just a number, we work with you to make sure your campaign is effective and affordable. We're honest with our customers, meaning you'll only ever be sold packages which we believe will work for you, your business, budget and customers.

So now you've heard what we've got to say. Why not find out what some of our friends at businesses across the Vale of Glamorgan have to say about advertising with Bro Radio?

Tŷ Hafan

"Here at Ty Hafan reaching out to our wonderful supporters is key. Bro Radio have worked alongside us for many years to do just that...and we really feel Bro are as part of Team Ty Hafan as we are! Our annual fun day in August is a great example of partnership working, with Bro playing a pivital role in hosting the day. Local personalities such as Gareth & Robbie are a real asset to both us and the Bro team and make the station what is it."

Sara Leigh Webber - Marketing, Communication and Events General Manager

Legacy Leisure/Barry Leisure Centre

“Although it's still early days, we have experience a positive response which we believe is a result of exposure on Bro Radio. The majority of our sales this week had confirmed that they had actually heard the advert. I am really pleased”

Teresa James - Sales Coordinator

Coastal Coffee/Fun Harbour/Harbour Snooker Centre, Paget Road, Barry Island

“When we first started advertising we had new customers coming in telling us they’d heard us on the radio and that still happens to this day. We even have people approaching us out and about saying your that company from the radio, which shows its still working. We’ll continue to advertise with Bro as its affordable, supports local volunteering and it genuinely works. It’s the only advertising we use!”

James Osbourne - Owner

McDonald’s, Barry

"We’ve been with Bro Radio for about 6 years and we initially chose to advertise to give back to the community and support a local initiative. If you’re thinking about advertising with Bro, then I would say just do it. It’s the easiest way of advertising and a good way of interacting with local customers in Barry and the surrounding areas."

James Clarke - Manager

Thyroid Cancer Support Group - Wales

"We are thrilled with the advert and the response that has come from it even in the short time that it has been broadcast. Thyroid Cancer Awareness month is every September and I think that it will have to be a regular annual commitment from the group to have the ad with you every September"

Helen Hobrough - Chair Person

Jungle Jacks, Holton Road, Barry

"Bro Radio provided our business with a quick way to advertise to a wide range of potential customers. We saw rise in custom and lots of new custom. We didn't think twice about continuing the advertising campaign as we saw how the frequent message we were sending out by radio were getting out to new customers. The repeated daily adverts were highly effective for us"

Mel - Owner

Nina Estate Agents

The response we have had since running the advert has been simply amazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bro Radio to anyone looking to use radio as part of their marketing campaign and for us it worked out to be an excellent choice and one we would make again.

Bro Radio gives our business wide exposure as it has hundreds of listeners within the Vale and reaches homes, as well as business premises. Comments have been passed on, that through listening to Bro radio they have come to us, to help them find their new home.

Nina Chivers - Owner

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