What we learnt from our Q&A about Recycling and Waste changes in the Vale of Glamorgan

On Wednesday (25th July), Nathan spoke to Colin Smith Operational Manager at the Vale of Glamorgan Council about the first phase of changes to Recycling and Waste collections in the Vale of Glamorgan.

We asked you for your questions regarding the changes, with the most popular being put to Colin in a Q&A.

From the 3rd September households will only be allowed to put out a maximum of two bags per fortnight, with exceptions for residents with large families, pets or those who need a provision for nappy’s, incontinent pants or additional needs, all of which will be provided with additional purple bags free of charge.

Here is the key information from the Q&A:

  1. The Council aims to educate residents from the outset, not fining those who do not comply. It will first issue leaflets to residents confirming the changes in early August, if households do not comply with the changes they will be contacted by a waste warden to educate and offer advise before be issuing a formal letter, ahead of a fine if residents continue to not comply.
  2. Families with additional needs such as being a large family, having pet waste, children in nappy’s or incontinent pants will be provided with additional purple bags by the Council, free of charge which they will need to apply for directly.
  3. Purple bags can be used for all of the households waste and are used for Collection Crews to clearly identify additional authorised bags.
  4. The limit is two bags per fortnight but the Council will aim to educate residents on how they can recycle more in the first instance, before fining residents. They say the aim is not to make it difficult but to capture waste that could be recycled which, but is currently disposed of in black bag.
  5. There can be variation in the sizes of black bags, however the Council will accept all black bags bought from supermarkets but wheelie bin liners will not be accepted.
  6. The two bag has been devised following consultation with WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme) engaged through Welsh Government following a service review and from good practice identified by other Councils across Wales.
  7. Residents visiting waste facilities will need to provide proof of residence from September and will be greeted by a member of staff who will ask the resident if any black bags contain recycling. If recycling is contained within the black bags they will be asked to go a quarantine area and asked to separate  the recycling
  8. 60% of the current content in black bags can be recycled. The changes by the Council is aiming  residents to help it capture recyclable waste.
  9. These changes are being put in place to help the Vale of Glamorgan reach its recycling targets set by the Welsh Government. If the Council does not meet targets set by 2019/2012 of 64%, it could be fined £200 per tonne for every tonne it is under any future targets which could have a significant financial impact
  10. In the case of streets, where residents are pilling black bags into one area in a street or cull-de-sac the Council will rely on the good nature of residents and if in any doubt the collection crews will be advised to collect the waste. If there is a high number of a waste, compared to the number of houses then the Council will write to residents in the area directly and in some cases send a Waste Warden around to consult with residents directly.
  11. In the case of households using wheelie bins, the Council will undertake an independent study into the use of wheelie bins and see how alternative options can be found for residents looking to keep vermin away from waste areas. A suggestion is for residents to purchase a metal dustbin, which regulates the two bag limit whilst keeping vermin away from the waste.
  12. In the case of flats or communal bin stores, the Council will not be able to identify who is placing waste in what area. In the first phase the Council will not be focusing on restricting bin bags in this area, but instead urge and educate residents to recycle more where possible.

Listen again to the full Q&A:

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Nathan Spackman

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5 thoughts on “What we learnt from our Q&A about Recycling and Waste changes in the Vale of Glamorgan

  1. Hi Nathan,
    It was a really helpful listening to Colin Smith’s interview and I’m all for promoting recycling, so thanks for publishing the interview audio. I have a couple of questions you may be able to help me on:
    – Do you have any more information on the type of ‘proof of residence’ we will need to present when we visit the waste facilities?
    – Did Colin give any insight into how the council intend to manage the potential bottleneck of all the waste warden visits that seem destined to happen as it could delay the rollout?
    Thanks again,

  2. Nathan , I enjoyed listening to the interview with Colin Smith from the Vale council, talking about the recycling black bags latest idea. can I ask how they know that 60% of recycling is still being put into the black bags. Could that be I wonder because, the shops and supermarkets insist on putting food on sale that is always wrapped in plastic, some of which is not recyclable. It is really difficult for householders to know , apart from the obvious things like bottles and containers that are obviously hard plastic and can safely be recycled, what other type of plastic can or cannot be put in the recycle bin. I do think that the companies that produce the packaging also have to take some responsibility for the lack of full recyclability in this because of the type of packaging they use; they do not I do not think they always think about the whole of the packaging being recycled. you only have to go into a supermarket to see everything is covered in plastic, when some of it does not need to be especially some fruit and veg, eg.. cucumbers and swedes. oranges in plastic bags, apples in plastic bags. they even put Bananas now in Plastic bags. I know it can be very confusing for people to ensure we recycle everything that can be recycled, saying that I do think that we need to do more but so do the Manufacturers of the packaging and the shops that sell the food. How can we do our bit if they do not do theirs.

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