Bro Radio Community Consultation

Bro Radio is a community radio station broadcasting to the Eastern Vale of Glamorgan. The station is a non-profit organisation and aims to provide volunteering and training opportunities for the community in radio and media, whilst providing a local radio service that promote events, news, information and services across the Vale of Glamorgan.

As part of our development we are working with the community to explore the potential future volunteering opportunities we can offer.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete this survey:

Are you:

Age range:

Have you heard of Bro Radio?:

Before this consultation, did you know that Bro Radio was a volunteer led organisation?:

Do you listen to Bro Radio?:

If yes, what for? If no, why not?:

What would like to hear more of/less of on Bro Radio?:

What are the main things that concern you about the services in the Vale of Glamorgan?:
Not enough for young people to do within the local communityLack of opportunities for adults and older peopleLack of support, training or opportunites for people who are unemployed, not in education or trainingLack of support or opportunites for the disabledNot enough opportunities for community to get together/engageNot enough training opportunties to develop skillsOther

If other, please state:

What would you like to see/hear Bro Radio doing more of?:
Providing volunteering/training opportunites for local peopleProviding work placements for young people in educationProviding work placements for young people not in education/trainingProviding support/training to at risk groups/individualsIncreasing their support for local charities and organisationsIncreasing engagement with the community at local eventsIncreased local news coverageBillingual news/programmesIncreased opportunities for local musicians on air and at local eventsOther

If other, please state:

If Bro Radio were to close down, would this have an impact on you, your friends or family?:

Would you or someone you know be interested in volunteering at Bro Radio?:

If yes, please tell us why and provide your contact details. If no, please explain:

Any other comments/ideas which you'd like to share?

This consultation is anonymous, however in some cases it may be beneficial for a member of the Bro Radio team to contact you to discuss the answers or ideas you have submitted.

If you are happy to be contacted by Bro Radio, please leave your name and preferred contact methods below:

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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Operations Manager at Bro Radio. You'll occasionally find him with our street team and hosting at local events as well as presenting our facebook live videos.