Kylie denies ‘Photoshop fail’ in calendar pic

The star, 49, was accused of using Photoshop by fans after she published the picture on her social media accounts.

It shows her leaning against a hotel balcony, wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms and a crop top.

After seeing the image, some fans thought there was something wrong, asking “why is the wall curved?” and “is it available without Photoshop?”

Another one posted: “Photoshop fail.”

Kylie having a break for refreshments during the shoot. Pic: Instagram/kylieminogue
Image:Kylie posted a second photo to show the ‘#wonkywall’ . Pic: Instagram/@kylieminogue

But Kylie hit back, posting another image of herself in the same location to her 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.36 million on Twitter.

Again, the wall in the background appears to be curved.

“Lovers you have eagle eyes,” she said. “I’ll ask the Chateau Marmont (hotel) to straighten their walls but it’s part of the charm!! Wonkywalls.

“However, thanks for being on it!”

Other fans were also quick to defend the star.

One post on Instagram said: “Anyone who has seen kylie in the flesh knows she don’t need anything more than her charm, sparkling beauty and that infectious smile.”

Another said: “The shadow is being cast by the cover over the balcony which is why the shadow line isnt straight.”

Kylie’s bottom became famous after she wore gold hotpants – said to have been bought from a charity shop for 50p – in the video for her number one single Spinning Around in 2000.

“I think of it as something entirely separate to me,” she once told the Mail on Sunday.

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