Residents complain about bad smell in Barry

The cause of a bad small in Barry which has been keeping residents awake at night has been identified.

People living in the town centre have been complaining about the small for several days, with many saying it is similar to the smell of burning wood.

It is understood that a fire in a field nearby in the Five Mile lane is the cause of the smell, and the fire service is dealing with the situation.

Residents have raised issues with the Fire Service and Vale of Glamorgan council, with the smell reaching people from as far as Barry Island and the Town Centre of Barry over the past few days.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesman said: “The council is aware that a smell of burning has been present in parts of Barry recently. Officers have been in contact with partner agencies and a possible source has been identified.

“The fire service has attended the site in question. They are satisfied the fire is under control and it should be extinguished by the weekend.”


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Nathan Spackman

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