Barry Town Council call for more advice to fight Biomass Application

Barry Town Council call for more advice to fight Biomass application.

Barry Town Councilllors unanimously agreed to commission independent experts for more information to fight the Barry Dock gasification incinerator plant in a full Town Council meeting last week.

This follows the announcement in late November that Natural Resources Wales are ‘minded’ to grant Biomass Ltd a permit for the plant, which was first proposed in 2008.

Other recommendations included an extension of the consultation to give proper time to challenge mistakes and assumptions in the consultation document and make information available for analysis by independent experts, as well as calling for monitoring of the plant to be conducted independently.

Plaid Cymru group leader on Barry Town Council, Cllr Shirley Hodges, said:

“Natural Resources Wales must extend the time limit for consultation beyond the mid-January timetable so that all aspects of the draft permit can be examined.

“They are making decisions on information which has not been scrutinized by independent experts.

“This is our health that they are messing with, and we want independent experts to be satisfied, not an underfunded NRW waving through information given to them by the plant owners.

“The Draft Permit admits this incinerator is of High Public Interest. As such they must follow specific guidance on how they consult people.

“So far they have made a mess of the process, failing to include Barry Town Council who have commissioned independent experts that NRW should have commissioned themselves.”

Councillor for Barry Docks, Cllr Millie Collins, added:

“Natural Resources Wales attended a recent Vale Council scrutiny meeting to discuss the latest information on the incinerator plans.

“I asked whether they could assure myself and residents that the plant would be safe. I found their response unclear and underwhelming.

“If Natural Resources Wales cannot convince local residents that this will be safe, then how can they allow it go ahead?” 

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