Changes coming for recycling and rubbish collections in the Vale of Glamorgan

Only two black bin bags will be collected from each Vale of Glamorgan household per fortnight from September 2018.

Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet has approved plans for changes to its rubbish and recycling collections following a public consultation.

From September visitors to tips in the Vale of Glamorgan will have to prove they live in the area and that they have sorted their recyclables from non-recyclables before bringing them to the tip.

Residents will also be asked to recycle metal and plastics, paper, cardboard and glass separately in a scheme to be rolled out over the next two years.

The changes explained:

Black bags

From September this year, households will only be able to put out a maximum of two black bags every fortnight for collection, with only black bags of a standard size being collected.

If homes put out more than two black bags, they will not be collected and enforcement action may be taken by the council. Stickers reminding residents of the new limit would be slapped on black bags if residents put more than two out for collection.

The changes would not apply to the Christmas and New Year period and there will be no limit to recycling collections.

Currently the average number of black bags collected across the Vale of Glamorgan is three per household – but 60 per cent of this waste can be recycled, the council says.

The council has also been given a target by the Welsh Government to recycle 70 per cent of its waste by 2024/25. The current recycling rate in the Vale is 64 per cent.


A new kerbside separated recycling service will be rolled out across the Vale.

It means paper, glass and cardboard would be collected separately, and there would be a mixed container for metals and plastics.

The consultation found many people wished to retain their green boxes and blue bags.

Councillor Cox said all these containers would remain, with the addition of one box that can be compartmentalised for different types of recycling.

This is when the new recycling service will be rolled out:

• Western Vale area eg. Cowbridge, Rhoose, Llantwit Major – April 1 2019
• Barry – September 1 2019
• Penarth – April 1 2020

Free waste bags and caddies:

The council agreed to remove all charges for food waste bags and caddies, and dry recyclable boxes and bags.

Free food waste bags have been provided to residents every year, but they were limited to three rolls per household. The council has agreed to remove this cap.

The consultation also found many Vale residents found the cost of the containers to be a barrier to recycling.

Household recycling centres:

From September, people will be encouraged to sort their recyclable from non-recyclable waste at home before they go to household recycling centres.

Bags that are brought to the centres would have to be opened to show staff there is no recycling.

If black bags to contain recycling, residents would have to sort them on site or return home to do this.

People visiting household recycling centres would also have to prove they live in the Vale of Glamorgan – for example using a utility bill or driving licence – before they can use them.

Stay tuned to Bro Radio for more details of a Q&A with Mile Punter. Director of Environment and Housing at the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

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25 thoughts on “Changes coming for recycling and rubbish collections in the Vale of Glamorgan

  1. Will there be provisions for nappies? As a household we only have 2 black bags every 2 weeks of household waste but then we have an additional 2 black bags of just nappies every 2 weeks. Will the council be providing different bags specifically for nappies?

  2. No mention of the large wheelie bins used by some residents. Some putting out 2.That has to be the equivalent of at least 4 black bags!!!

  3. For what reason do people have to prove where they live to use a council yard rubbish ? I can’t see what difference it makes whether your from Barry Bridgend Merthyr? If your in that area and want to dispose of rubbish properly why should it matter if you don’t live in that area ?

  4. Well considering I’m a household of 6 and 3 are in nappies I can easily fill 5 bags a fortnight with them. Surely size of household should be considered.
    I think fly tipping will result in this limitations on households because of limited space to store bins especially throughout the hot months. Barry will stink! Not everyone can get to the refuse site either so many will be unlucky here. Ah well it’s clearly happening so doesn’t matter about the objections. Good luck with this one though I don’t see it working

    1. I just thought the exact same thing Nicola..
      there are tonnes of families with 5 or 6 members in a a household….
      people are going to end up fly-tipping anywhere they think they can get away with it… and will probably end up with rats closing in on urban areas..
      it’ll be chaos!

  5. How will u proof which 2 bags belong to 1 household.? quite often 1 put 1 out and then people add to my bag so mine could be left or a sticker applied or other people’s rubbish left o/s mine.

  6. My husband and me are both disabled and we have to see the district nurses daily and this means our black bin bags are more then 2 bags, would we be in trouble if there’s more black bags through no fault of our own?

  7. You want people to recycle but you don’t really help this, ie good that you are now providing free bags. I put out 3 bags of garden waste and only 1 bag was returned to me, I think the bin guys threw them away, now I have to spend another £4 replacing these!
    Also you need to provide separate bins if you want people to separate their recycling! I’m all for recycling and will always do my best to recycle, but a little help from the council would be appreciated.

    1. My daughter too, put 4 green bags of garden rubbish out last collection in Barry. She only got 1 back and now has to replace them.

  8. The consultation was a farce as obviously not listened to residents never mind adding more than originally informed. What a good council we have it will mean more fly tipping and people being fined for rubbish that isn’t there’s.

  9. How do I prove which black bags are mine!? I live on a main road and people often put black bags in a pile outside my house.

  10. The Vale would be very welcome to come to my home and tell me what I currently put into my black bags is recyclable…I can assure them that they certainly wouldn’t find 60%, if any!

  11. I am housebound, disabled & rely on carers who DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO SEPARATE RECYCLING! I also am unable to put out food waste – for the same reason! I get help from my carers for 2.5 hours per day & that has to cover personal care, meal prep & serving plus cleaning up! Have the Vale considered households such as mine & their inability to adhere to these new rules regarding waste? What arrangements have been made to assist such households? I would appreciate an answer to this comment.

  12. Please tell me how I can prevent other people putting their rubbish outside my house. And how much money have you allocated for the clearing up of porthkerry park which will soon be fly tip central. This scheme literally stinks. And I am very pro recycling and only put out 1 black bag a fortnight usually.

  13. With the separation of recycling on collection day we will ve tripping over boxes or bags as where I live the pavements will not be big enough to take all these separated bin bags or recycling boxes . We pay a considerable amount of Council tax per year and now the council want us to do their job for them from which they reap the benefits! Council services have got worse in the last decade it’s appalling service we get!

  14. So the same rule applies to a household of 8 people paying a large council tax as it does to a OAP living alone?
    How is that correct?

  15. I live in Neath,but Barry is my home town. There always seems to be trouble with your rubbish and recycling. We have to recycle, and are GIVEN. all the bags to recycle. Large white bag for cardboard.Large white bag for plastic, Black box for glass and black box for paper.all which is taken every week. We then have a wheelie bin for rubbish and clear bags for garden rubbish which is collected fortnightly.Our food recycle is taken every week. We never have to buy bag for food.My sister who lives in Barry was told to collect bags from the council office if she wanted one,she is over 80 and does not drive. Your council is laughable.

  16. Will my rates be reduced to recompense me for yet another cut to services? As a small household two bags is sufficient but other people with more bags will simply ensure no evidence of ownership is in a bag and add it to someone else’s door. The seagulls and rats will soon empty anything left behind- yet another example of how is ratepayers are treated with contempt.

  17. For those worried about nappies you can purchase black caddies from the library at a cost of £2. The caddies shouldn’t count towards your black bag waste. The same for the couple who mentioned that they have district nurses visit each day. The caddies are for hygiene waste.

  18. I recycle and compost my garden waste. However, I will still have more than 1 bag of rubbish a week as we are a family of 4. I understand the need to reduce waste but think this system will not work. Instead of flytipping my waste or risking fines of £100 for putting and extra bag out. I just bought a burning bin for any excess rubbish that I may have after my 2 bag allowance is used.

  19. Similar thing happened in BCB ,although the bin bags we receive are slightly larger than standard black bags and we get a purple bag for nappies etc once a fortnight ,all our containers were free .

  20. What a croc of s&@t !! There is already a huge rat problem where the collections were put down to once a fortnight. This WILL encourage people to fly tip !! Absolutely stupid and moronic thinking – what about people with medical problems, medical waste that is to go into refuse bags? People with daily bilateral leg bandages? Have you lot really thought about this. I guess what we have to look forward to is a scruffy, dirty, smelly, rat infested Vale. Don’t forget councillors this won’t just effect us mortals you can choose your neighbours at the moment but I’m afraid when the vermin move in you’ll have no say !

  21. Why are the refuse collections so different accross the country? Surely it would be better to have one well thought out scheme rather than this panic reaction to recycling targets. Can’t see it working. Being penalised for rubbish just means there will be a massive fly tipping problem. Surely putting a limit of bags per household is a farce. We have 5 adults in our house and run a home business, and there is just no way we can just have 1 bag a week. Our neighbours have 2 generations living in one household. Ridiculous scheme. With one of the highest council tax charges in the area, having a crap refuse service is just another reason why the Vale council is letting us all down. Do something to actually help guys!!!

  22. We need a comprehensive list of what can be recycled ,& what can’t. There is still some confusion. When in doubt I recycle but when this new scheme rolls out I’m not sure where to put certain items in case there is a penalty.

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