Council cabinet reject plans for permanent traveler site on Hayeswood Road

The Vale of Glamorgan Councils Cabinet have today carried a motion to reject proposals for a permanent traveler site on Hayeswood Road in Sully.

The plans which were revealed by Bro Radio on the 17th September said the site was the preferred option because of  its proximity to the current Gypsy and Traveller site in Sully and is well placed for access to the amenities of Barry.

The plans have received much public opposition, with an online petition being signed by over 2,000 concerned local residents.

In a quote on the petition its organiser said “At cabinet meeting, the proposed plans were brought up as an urgent item. Cllr Bob Penrose proposed the site be rejected which was quickly voted on and approved. There won’t be a travellers site at this location however it does mean the council will need to consider a new site which meets the Welsh Assembly’s guidelines. Well done everyone!”

Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Councillor John Thomas said: “A number of factors have led the council to reconsider its position on the proposed permanent gypsy and traveller site at Hayeswood Road in Barry.

“Firstly, it has been clear to me and my Cabinet colleagues that there are considerable and justified concerns expressed by the business community as to the potential impact of the proposal on the local economy.

“It is clear that there are plans to further develop this part of Barry for employment uses which if progressed would bring much needed jobs to Barry. I would not want to prejudice this.

“In addition, and as a result of the current position, we have been able to have further discussions with Welsh Government to consider how best to engage with the traveller community to ensure that any site that is progressed is appropriate.

“It is therefore essential that we continue in our efforts to engage with the travellers and with Welsh Government in taking this matter forward.”

just carried a motion to reject the gypsie site proposals at Hayes wood road and it not be considered as a site for any similar developments. This will now go back to the drawing board.

Many residents here from sully celebrating.
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