Council leader voices strong opposition to Welsh Government funding cuts

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Leader John Thomas has again voiced his strong opposition to funding cuts imposed by Welsh Government.

The Council is set to see a 0.7% per cent decrease in the funding settlement offered by Welsh Government for 2019/20. This, together with the increased pressures on the Council to continue to provide many services to a standard that the residents of the Vale expect,  means around £6.3 million worth of savings will need to be made to balance the budget next year.

And the suggestion is reductions at a similar level will continue in the years that follow.

At a time when the Council has already streamlined services to improve efficiency, Cllr Thomas warned such cuts will inevitably lead to a decrease in the quality and quantity of services the Council can afford to provide.

“The year on year cuts to our budget from Welsh Government is nothing short of scandalous,” he said.

“As Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council I am committed to delivering the very best services possible, but that is becoming increasingly difficult.  Over the years, Local Councils have been asked to deliver far more services and are asked to respond to an increasing array of Welsh Government initiatives at the same time as continual cuts to our budget.

“The situation is not sustainable.  Talk of efficiencies is all well and good, but this Council already works in an incredibly efficient manner and for Welsh Government to suggest that a solution is to become more effective is nothing short of insulting and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the situation within our communities.

“I will be responding to the draft settlement and make no mistake, I will be responding strongly, in the interests of the residents and communities that we serve.”

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Nathan Spackman

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