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30th November 2018

Council takes action to force progress in development of Waterfront district centre

BY: Nathan Spackman

The Planning Committee of the Vale of Glamorgan Council has given authority to planning officers to issue a Breach of Condition Enforcement Notice and a Stop Notice to the developers of Barry Waterfront.

The action has been taken following repeated delays to construction of the district centre of shops and restaurants originally due for completion in September 2017.

A temporary 28 day stop notice had already been issued to the consortium of developers ahead of the meeting preventing the sale of any new homes but more stringent and permanent action can now be taken.

Cllr Jonathan Bird, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration said: “It is not acceptable for the developers to show such scant regard to their obligations. Barry Waterfront is now a thriving community and we want to see its development continue in this vein. This means delivering the scheme that was agreed at the outset, not simply one part of it.

“To hold the developers to this the Council’s planning team has already issued the Waterfront Development Consortium with a temporary 28 day stop notice. This means they could be prosecuted if they enable the further occupation of the affected properties during this time.

“The Council’s planning committee has now approved a formal stop notice that could then prohibit further occupation until we are satisfied that they are working to meet their obligations under the planning permission they were granted, and deliver the district centre.”

The Breach of Condition Enforcement and Stop Notices give the Council the power to require either a halt to the occupation of certain units within the development or a halt to construction of certain elements of the development until the district centre, or elements of it, are delivered.

Authorisation has also been granted to begin legal proceedings in the event that the Enforcement Notice is not complied with.

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