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16th May 2019

DIAG says Welsh Government statement on Biomass No2. UK Ltd. is "deliberately unclear"

BY: Nathan Spackman

The Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) has said that a statement by the Welsh Government earlier this week is "deliberately unclear".

DIAG has been pressing for a decision from the Welsh Government on the need for an Environmental Impact Assesment at Biomass NO 2 UK Ltd. referred to as the Barry Docks Incinerator, but is  disappointed with the announcement now made by Julie James AM and Hannah Blythyn AM.

In a statement sent to Bro Radio the group said "We are seriously concerned that much like the "minded to" letter written on behalf of H Blythyn in Feb 2018,this statement is deliberately unclear to allow the public to misunderstand what it is that Jane Hutt AM and the Welsh government are actually proposing."

It says the WG's statement says that the legal requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will NOT be enforced.

Jane Hutt's statement comes just one week after DIAG and the people of Barry announced that they will be demonstrating on King Square, on 1st June following DIAGs call for the Welsh Government to revoke the license.

The group says "The timing of this misleading announcement seems to have been decided to encourage people not to show their disgust at the lack of action by the WG."

Members believe that revoking the Permit and the Planning Permission is the only way to return to the residents of Barry the proper level of protection from a facility that has already breached its environmental permit four times in the dash for cash to claim Ofgem (public money) subsidies.

National Resources Wales says that the proposed wood burning at the Incinerator is more dangerous to health than if it was burning diesel.


DIAG is now holding a private extraordinary meeting next Wednesday evening to adequately address the seriousness of the juncture that. The group has also formally invited Alun Cairns MP, Jane Hutt AM and all of the Vale Councillors to attend.

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