Dog owners take lead to fight Council Dog Proposals

A Facebook group set up by a pet owner concerned by council proposals on how dogs should be dealt with in public spaces in the future has attracted more than 1300 members in just a couple of weeks.

The page is called ‘Objections to the VOG Council public space protection order dog control’.

The group was set up by Sue Cribbs who explained to the Glamorgan GEM: “The group is for people who object to the Vale Council’s public space protection order on dog control.

“We are holding an event on Sunday, July 15 from 9.20am at Romilly Park in Barry where we are meeting up with our dogs to gather and show that we are not happy with the proposal.”

Meanwhile, Miles Punter, Vale of Glamorgan Council Director of Environment and Housing Services has said that the Council is keen for all residents to enjoy the Vale’s outdoor spaces and that no decisions on introducing the new controls have yet been made.

As part of the proposals, the Council wants to introduce public space protection orders which will force owners to clear up after dogs, put them on leads in defined areas and exclude them from specified locations, but dog owners fear the new regime could mean greater restrictions.

A map via the Vale of Glamorgan Council website shows the proposed changes. Yellow highlights areas are where Dogs owners must only clear up after their dogs, pink highlights areas where dogs owners must walk their dogs on leads, with green and orange highlighted areas show where dogs are banned, including marked sports pitches.

You can view the map and proposed areas via

Miles Punter, Vale of Glamorgan Council Director of Environment and Housing Services, said: “The Council is keen for all residents to enjoy the Vale’s outdoor spaces, whether they own a dog or not. For this reason, there have been long-standing restrictions on where dogs are allowed, where they must be kept on leads and where they can roam free. These rules came in the form of byelaws, which have been in place for decades, but are now being replaced by more modern legislation.

“We are currently conducting a consultation exercise to gauge public opinion on this issue and no decisions on whether to introduce new controls have yet been taken.  Byelaws may be replaced by Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO), they could also be amended or removed.

“All residents are encouraged to share their views on these proposals by responding to the consultation, which runs from June 20 to until August 20 and can be found at, along with details of the Notice, maps and further information.

“With the assistance of the consultation, the Council is seeking to strike a balance to provide dog owners with the necessary opportunities to exercise their dogs without detrimentally affecting others’ enjoyment of the space. Dog fouling is one of the most offensive forms of littering and is very much an issue that concerns our residents. Regrettably, despite years of education and awareness-raising, a small number of irresponsible dog owners continue to blight some of our most valued open space areas. It is hoped that the introduction of PSPO’s in certain areas will reduce such incidents in the future and improve the quality of our open spaces for everybody.”

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