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14th June 2019

Firefighters attend magpie incident in Barry

BY: Kane McMahon

Firefighters attended incident an where a magpie was caught in netting on Kendrick road in Barry. The RSPCA were also at the scene as firefighters climbed onto the building to help release the magpie.
The magpie was released safely and has flown away with no injuries could be seen.
Wayne, one of the firefighters explained "We are here to release the magpie from under the netting, two colleagues are up there trying to release the bird now. He's just flown off and is now free"
An RSCPA spokesperson has confirmed that the bird was "not injured"
The incident happened on top of the old post office building at approximately 13:50 this afternoon (14th June) where five firefighters and one RSCPA officer attended the scene.
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