Grading Success for YMCA Barry Female Gymnasts

YMCA Barry Gymnastics Club have had a lot of celebrate in recent months with two gymnasts being selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Further to this, YMCA Barry have had twenty gymnasts recently complete their annual grading with huge success.
Firstly, in the youngest category, nine eight year old gymnasts completed their Grade 6 in the South Central Wales Grading Championships. Zaya Niscoveanu, Lacey Jones, Taya Anderson, Katie Wong, Katie Jones, Shyla Mae Brown, Nia Beasley, Lottie Cummins and Azaria Karim all passed their grade with flying colours with fantastically six YMCA Barry gymnasts coming in the top ten in South Central. Zaya in 10th, Lacey in 9th, Katie Wong 8th, Nia in 4th, Azaria 3rd as well as becoming the Vault Champion and Lottie in 2nd as well as becoming the Range and Conditioning Champion. Nia, Azaria and Lottie, because of their fantastic results, we be representing South Central Wales in the Grade 6 Welsh Championships later this month.
In the Grade 5 category for 9 year olds, Ruby Clark, Melissa Cookson, Rosie Bishop, Emmy Saddler and Casey Moores demonstrated their excellent skill and again all passed their grade successfully. In addition a special mention to Casey who was 9th overall, Rosie 6th and Emmy 3rd Overall. Rosie and Emmy will also be representing South Central Wales at the Welsh Finals. Furthermore, YMCA Barry had three gymnasts completing their Grade 5 at 10 years old, Sophie Notton, Stacie Leigh White and Seren Doel. Within this category Seren claimed 7th, Stacie 3rd and Sophie became the Bars, Range and Conditioning as well as becoming the Grade 5 out of age South Central Wales Champion!
Finally, in the Out of Age Grade 4 Category, Roxy Frost and Lacey Williams performed beautifully, with Roxy gaining 4th Overall and Lacey becoming the Vault, Floor and Overall Out of Age Grade 4 South Central Grade Champion.
YMCA Barry also had Millie Williams competing in the Elite Grade 4 Welsh Championships. This competition is for 9 years olds and it the most difficult level of competition for that age group. The programme is extremely demanding for such young gymnasts and is designed to provide the gymnasts with the foundation to progress to elite gymnastics as they become older. Millie had an absolutely tremendous competition with the following apparatus results, 3rd on Vault, 3rd on Bars, 1st on Beam, 1st on Floor and 3rd on Range & Conditioning. This results in Millie becoming the Welsh Compulsory 4 Elite Grade Champion. Millie will be representing Wales at the upcoming British Championships up against the best 9 year olds in Great Britain. An absolutely fantastic achievement for Millie and the club.
With all twenty gymnasts passing their grades confidently, Nia, Lottie, Azaria, Rosie, Emmy and Millie will now be working hard in the gym to prepare for all of their finals in April and May.
Are you interested in gymnastics for yourself or your child? YMCA Barry has a range of classes for boys and girls from Gymbabies, recreational classes for all ages, Cheerleading, Adult Gymnastics as well as elite gymnastics for males and females. For more information please call 01446 724000, email or visit their social media @ymcabarry.

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