Warning about HMRC and council tax scam calls

A warning is being issued to people living across the Vale of Glamorgan as the Council report a rise in HMRC and Council Tax scam calls.

The Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) safeguarding team, covering Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, has received a number of referrals across Bridgend, in just one week, regarding scam HMRC calls.

The two reported numbers that are calling members of the public are 0161 354 9940 and 020 3129 8297. A message or a caller will say that the issue is time sensitive and the person needs to respond immediately, to avoid legal consequences.

The message also threatens court action against people.

Further, SRS have reported receiving notifications relating to scam council tax calls across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

In one case, residents were contacted by a supposedly Chichester based company, called Shaw, who claimed to work with members of the public who were owed refunds.

The SRS team also noted that a lady in Cardiff received a call from a man on an unknown number, who told her he worked with Cardiff Council.

She was told she was due a refund of £2,000 for council tax, and would need to call a number and provide her bank details.

Fortunately, the woman did not give her details and Cardiff Council later checked her account and told her that no refund was due.

“If anyone receives a call to talk about possible council tax reduction, you can contact the council or the Valuation Office Agency to check out their story. Our Safeguarding Team works hard to tackle and prevent the issue of phone fraud, as well as mail scams and doorstep crime.

“These scam calls are designed to prompt people to ring back or engage with the caller and provide bank details or make a payment.

“Remember: never give out your card security details over the phone. Hearing about different types of scams, allows us to spread the word and warn others of what is going on in their community.”  – Councillor Dhanisha Patel, chair of the joint committee for Shared Regulatory Services. 

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