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11th September 2018

#IAMWHOLE presents WHOLE HOUR to promote healthy mental wellbeing

BY: Nathan Spackman

With just a month to go to World Mental Health Day, YMCA is launching WHOLE HOUR, a significant new global initiative as part of the ground-breaking #IAMWHOLE anti-stigma mental health campaign.

They are encouraging people to take an hour out of their day (from midday to 1pm) on Wednesday 10 October 2018, to do something to support their mental wellbeing.

#IAMWHOLE is anti-stigma mental health campaign. The #IAMWHOLE campaign was launched in England & Wales on World Mental Health Day 2016.
Now the biggest health concern of a generation, mental health difficulties are costing young people their relationships, education, employment prospects, and without action, their lives.
  • 10-20% of children and young people worldwide experience a mental health difficulty
  • 1 in 2 of all cases of mental health difficulties begin by the age of 14
  • 220,000 children and young people worldwide took their own lives last year
Despite the significant numbers affected and increased public awareness, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health difficulties.
The #IAMWHOLE campaign aims to tackle mental health stigma and encourage young people to speak
out, seek help and get support. The #IAMWHOLE campaign seeks to tackle stigma in three key ways:
  • Talking - Starting conversation with young people about mental health
  • Educating - Educating young people about mental health
  • Sharing - Encouraging young people to share their experiences of mental health difficulties
During the last two years, the #IAMWHOLE campaign has developed a range of content and resources
aimed at tackling mental health stigma, including:
Campaign Videos - Created campaign videos setting out the key campaign messages and calls to action which have been viewed by nearly 600,000 people
Music - Recorded two songs and music videos with well-known musicians on the issue of mental health which have been viewed more than half a million times
Youth-Led Video Content - Produced a range of engaging video content with young people sharing their experiences of mental health difficulties and stigma
Social Media Activation - Encourage people to draw the campaign circle on their hand, take a picture and share this on social media using the #IAMWHOLE hashtag on World Mental Health Day achieving 96 million impressions on Twitter and seven million on Instagram
Celebrity Involvement - Engaged high-profile celebrities from the world of TV, music and sport to help reach a wider audience, including Ed Sheeran and James Corden
Resources - Developed a range of resources to help start conversations about mental health difficulties with young people, including a short story book, parent/carer guide and school pack
For more information contact Richard Hughes or Phillippa Lewis at:
richard.hughes@ymca.org.uk / phillippa.lewis@ymca.org.uk
More information about the #IAMWHOLE campaign can also be found at: www.whole.org.uk
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