Man sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for GBH with intent after stabbing incident

Following a Barry CID investigation, a man has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for GBH with intent.

Travis Luke Tyrone Furnish

Travis Luke Tyrone Furnish, aged 21 of no fixed address, appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on July 13th.

At around 7pm on January 25th 2017, Furnish was travelling through Ely in a car being driven by Demi Smart when he spotted the 27 year-old victim driving his car, both men were known to each other.

Furnish and Smart followed the victim who had parked in a layby on Sully Moors Road. Furnish proceeded to open the victim’s car door and stab him multiple times before fleeing the scene in the car being driven by Smart.

Furnish evaded capture for a number of weeks before being arrested in Grangetown, he was charged with and pleaded guilty to GBH with intent.

Demi Jade Smart, aged 23 from Caerau, Cardiff was arrested the day of the incident and was sentenced to four months for assisting an offender.

Demi Jade Smart


Investigating officer, Detective Constable Gillon Neal, Barry CID: “This was a very serious incident which left the victim with serious and life changing injuries.

“This case demonstrates how seriously South Wales Police takes crimes of this nature, knife crime within our communities will not be tolerated and the custodial sentence given to Furnish and Smart is testament to this.”

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