MP joins Stroke UK and Welsh Ambulance Service in Encouraging Vale Residents to Get Blood Pressure Tests

Stroke UK has joined the Welsh Ambulance Service to encourage people across Wales to get their blood pressure tested in order that they know how likely they are to suffer a stroke. Their campaign has come to the Vale of Glamorgan, where numerous residents have been taking the opportunity to have a much-needed general check-up.

Stroke UK shared a stand with the Welsh Ambulance Service at this year’s Vale Agricultural Show, and offered visitors the opportunity to hop into their ambulance and have the crucial blood pressure test. Among the visitors on the day was Vale MP Alun Cairns who said, “I was quite nervous having the test done, as I realise that a routine of late nights working and coffee-fuelled early mornings isn’t ideal as far as my health is concerned. However, the Stroke UK tester talked me through the whole process – which was actually very quick – and fully explained the results and what they meant.

“It is fantastic that the Welsh Ambulance Service and Stroke UK have been offering blood pressure tests to residents in the Vale, as even the healthiest among us can have underlying symptoms which we would never know about. When it comes to health, not knowing is not worth the risk.”

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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Operations Manager at Bro Radio. You'll occasionally find him with our street team and hosting at local events as well as presenting our facebook live videos.