National Resources Wales grant extension to consultation deadline

A campaign to stop Biomass UK No 2 Ltd getting an environmental permit received a boost today at a rally which took place on King Square, Barry on Saturday 19th August.

Local AM Jane Hutt announced that Natural Resources Wales has agreed to extend a consultation deadline for the public by two weeks to Sunday, September 10th. The original deadline was Tuesday 29th August.

The additional time will allow members of the public to respond to a 1,000 response supplied by Biomass.

Alexis Liasatos, Chairman of the Docks Incinerator Action Group said the additional time would allow the group to look through the details in the Biomass document.

Jane said: ‘Following a meeting with NRW last week, when I called for a public consultation extension, I was pleased to receive the welcome news on Friday afternoon that the time period for consultation responses on the latest Biomass no 2 application has been extended to 10th September.

This makes absolute sense with NRW stating in their response to my request for an extension that they, ‘fully recognise and appreciate the concerns of the local community and the need to ensure that they are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process.’

I was able to share this news at the Kings Square Rally in Barry on Saturday as I thanked all those who were playing their part in the DIAG campaign for their imagination and voluntary commitment.

My message is that we use ‘our heads as well as our hearts’ in giving ¬†evidence, experience and local knowledge in our response to NRW to back up objections to Biomass No. 2.

I also welcome the role played by Barry Town Council backed by all political parties in commissioning a further report from Capita to secure independent and specialist evidence on behalf of the people of Barry.’

You can find out more about the consultation and the Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group at

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