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16th May 2019

"No difference in voting Labour or Conservative" says Plaid Councillor with coalition imminent

BY: Nathan Spackman

The Vale council is facing a major revamp, after a major split in the Conservative Party, and the idea of a Labour-Led Coalition - headed by Neil Moore - to be put to the Council's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday evening.

Other parties within the Vale council have expressed their concern over the uncertainty caused by the splits and what that will mean for issues including the parking charge dispute, with Plaid Cymru leader in the Vale, Cllr Ian Johnson, saying:
"Plaid Cymru has always said that there is no difference in voting Labour or Conservative in the Vale as they have more in common than separates them.
"Here is the proof – a new council leadership where the last Labour leader and the last Conservative leader sit together.
"No wonder there was never any real opposition.
"Plaid Cymru believes that the Vale Council should focus on providing top quality public services rather than making cuts, raising council tax and making people’s lives harder."

The split among the Conservatives comes after the decision by some to leave and stand as Independents instead, all of whom have since been suspended by the Party.

Council Leader John Thomas and his cabinet stood down after he lost the leadership vote to Cllr Vincent Bailey, who plans to put forward his own idea of a minority administration.

A statement released by the party said: “Jeffrey James, the Chairman of the Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Association, has today written to the six Vale Councillors, John Thomas, Hunter Jarvie, Geoff Cox, Jonathan Bird, Andrew Parker and Michael Morgan, to inform them that they have been suspended from the Conservative Party."

Thomas - whose resignation will come into effect after the councils AGM on Monday - will join the other Conservatives who left the party, including his deputy leader Hunter Jarvie, to form a new political group, called The Vale Independents Group.

Neil Moore's plan for a Labour-Led Coalition will include the The Vale and the Llantwit First Independents, which could see the former Labour council leader and the former Conservative leader working together.

A statement from the Vale Council said: "Notification has also been received from the group leaders of the Labour, Llantwit First and the Vale Independents groups of their intention to form a coalition administration following the election of a new Leader of the Council at the AGM.

"A new cabinet and cabinet portfolios will then be presented to the meeting, and new chairs for the Council’s scrutiny and regulatory committees will also be proposed and elected at the meeting.

"The future allocation of committee seats will be published ahead of the AGM, once the political balance calculations that determine each group’s allocation have been completed."




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