Plaid Cymru call for assurances on Christmas rubbish collections

Plaid Cymru councillors have called for assurances that the Vale of Glamorgan Council will be able to collect Christmas and New Year rubbish collections this year, as figures reveal a 63% increase in fly-tipping since new collection arrangements were introduced.

Last year there were complaints that there were delays in the council collecting black bags and recycling in Christmas week, whilst there have been challenges this Autumn because of an increase in recycling after collection changes in September.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson said:

“The number of reported fly-tipping incidents in the Vale increased from 61 in the three months before the collection changes to 99 in the following three months – a 64% increase.

“The increase in recycling and decrease in black bag waste has been a good thing, but there have frequently been occasions where the Vale Council has been unable to collect all of the recycling put out on collection day.

“It is a difficult balancing act to get the right amount of staff and the correct number of vehicles, especially over Christmas when there is an increase in the amount of black bag and recycling rubbish to be picked up.

“We have asked the Vale Council for assurances that they have everything in place, and we won’t see a repeat of last year where many streets were missed out and Christmas trees were left out in the street uncollected.”

Fellow Plaid Cymru councillor for the centre of Barry, Cllr Millie Collins, added:

“It’s good news that more people are recycling in the Vale, but it’s frustrating that there’s a small minority who think it’s ok to just dump their rubbish rather than dispose of it properly.”

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Nathan Spackman

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