Reporting poor driving or road offences made easier for motorists in South Wales

From today, members of the public will be able to submit footage and images of road traffic offences being committed on the roads of South Wales.



Working in partnership with Go Safe, Operation Snap will provide a safe alternative way to share footage of offences seen by motorists. Road traffic offences targeted as part of the operation will include – dangerous driving; driving without due care and attention; contravening solid white lines; mobile phone use; improper control of vehicle; contriving of red traffic lights.


Assistant Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan said:


“The operation will enable our communities to help us assist in a key policing priority, to continue to keep the roads of South Wales safe.


“Our work with Go Safe is there to complement the service we provide to our communities and as always, if you need to contact the police and want to talk to us immediately, you can call 101 or 999 in an emergency.


“Our officers will still be policing the roads in our force area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but we know that members of the public are keen to help, and I am pleased that with the support of Go Safe, we can provide an easier way to submit footage and images either whilst travelling as a passenger, or using the footage of dash cams that can submitted at a later date when the driver has finished their journey.”


Chris Hume, Partnership Manager, GoSafe said:


“Working with South Wales Police, Operation Snap will allow us to work together and help simplify the way motorists can report motoring offences. By visiting members of the public will be asked to complete a contact form, this will allow roads policing officer to get in touch and review the footage or images captured. Once a full review has been carried out, the officer will provide further updates to individuals.”

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  1. It wasn’t car that nearly got hit head on in that one way street , i had to pull my pupil over after so they could get over the shock over what happened , definitely support reporting them to police

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