Residents warned to be cautious after further scams reported in Penarth and Barry

South Wales Police has warned residents to be cautious after a series of scams in the Penarth and Barry area in recent works.

The scam sees individuals receiving a call where they are asked to withdraw large amounts of cash from the bank.

Each time the victims alleged they were contacted by police officers and were told not to tell anyone.

Victims were told that if the bank ask why you need the money, to give a number of excuses, including a new kitchen, new car etc.

South Wales are encouraging residents to talk openly about scams and warn that Police will never ask you to take money out.

If you are aware of a potential scam or are concerned, always contact 101 or 999 but ensure the line is cleared and listen for a dial tone before dialling.

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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Operations Director at Bro Radio. You'll hear him reading local news, hosting at local events and presenting our facebook live videos.