REVIEW: Crazy for you 5.9.17 Wales Millennium Centre

What’s not to love about crazy for you?

Classic Gershwin tunes, old style vaudeville humour and some exceptional set pieces makes for one Crazy for you type night out.

Currently on their UK Tour and in Wales Millennium Centre till Saturday 9th September, you’ve got time to spend an evening in the presence of some exceptionally talented people.

Starring Strictly winners Tom Chambers (2008) & Caroline Flack (2014) plus a plethora of musical and theatre talent, what sets this apart from your normal musical happens right at the beginning with the announcement that every instrument played on stage, is played live. What that brings is a different kind of dynamic to the set pieces and choreography – they’re not just singing and dancing, but they’re playing the music. It gives a feel of a raw one off performance – which in fairness they’ve probably done hundreds of times previous and will continue with each new performance.

Special mention about Tom Chambers, now before this all I knew about him was he’d been in Strictly and done “quite well” – yes, I realise this is so far off the mark, but on seeing him perform I thought at first, he was one of the professional dancers in the series and not an actor – to which his Strictly skills are there for all to see, as is his comic timing.

Charlotte Wakefield, although maybe not a name you might know, certainly has musical theatre running through her veins. A performance, although understated at times, certainly could steal the show.

Caroline Flack (why do I want to be Peter Dickson when I read that aloud) does have one moment which showcases her abilities quite well, without having to be compared to anyone else.

It’s a proper fun family musical. It’s a Sunday afternoon black and white film to watch after you’ve had your roast beef – that might sound a little trite, but these days it seems musicals like this are few and far between, no matter whether your 8 or 80, you’ll certain find you have rhythm – and no, no one will be taking it away from me either.

Review by Patrick Downes

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