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13th June 2019

Shuttle with speed - Cardiff & Vale Health Charity announce funding on shuttle bus for hospital

BY: Nathan Spackman

Cardiff & vale Health Charity has recently announced that they will be funding the Park and Ride shuttle service for the hospital. This goes from Pentwyn to the UHW. This comes as last year - June 2018 - the service was free of charge and has proved incredibly popular.

The shuttle service has an average of 300-350 people per day using the service, this has helped in the way of on-site parking for patients, staff and visitors.

This service has now been expanded and whilst using funds from the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, this started on the 3rd of June 2019.


Cardiff & Vale Health Charity announce funds for shuttle service

The expansion will see the buses doubled in the time difference as it has gone from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. This is over more than a 12 hour gap of 6.30am - 6.50pm when travelling to UHW and returning between 6.40am - 7.00pm. Buses will continue to run every twenty minutes into the night with the last bus departing from the Park and Ride car park at 10.50pm and from UHW at 11.00pm. The journey between the hospital and the Park and Ride car park only takes around six minutes.

Director of Capital, Estates and Facilities, Geoff Walsh was delighted with the development saying, “Over the last year, we have seen the staggering difference made to not only onsite traffic at University Hospital of Wales but also to the lives of staff members by the Park and Ride service since it was made free of charge.

“Expanding the service is the right thing to do and I would encourage all staff and patients who currently drive and park onsite to consider using the Park and Ride service.

“By expanding the free service, we’re enabling more people to use sustainable public transport which will reduce environmental emissions, travel time and on-site congestion, and improve parking availability thereby easing patient and staff stress with regards to parking and improving their experience of the site in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Cardiff & Vale Health Charity for making this expansion of the service possible so that as many staff, patients and visitors as possible can benefit from it.”

Since its introduction, feedback received about the Park and Ride service has been really positive, with one staff member saying, “The Park and Ride has changed my life! I used to have to leave my house every morning at 6.30am to be on site at 7.10am at the latest to get a parking space. I don’t start work until 8am but if I arrived any later all the general parking spaces had already been taken. It was very stressful. Booking a doctor or dental appointment used to a nightmare due to the parking, and therefore I would have to book a whole day's annual leave to attend a routine appointment. I now leave my house at 7.15 and still get into work in time.

“As a final note, I have made some lovely new friends on the bus from all different departments. It is a very sociable bus trip and puts me in a good mood for the day ahead. Thank you for this service, it has improved my quality of life immensely."

The Health Board will soon be launching a Park and Ride service for University Hospital Llandough (UHL) departing from the old Toys R Us car park by Morrisons petrol station at Cardiff Bay. This new service has also been funded by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity along with a shuttle bus that will travel between the UHW and UHL sites.

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