South Wales Police is cracking down on anti-social behaviour in Penarth

South Wales Police is cracking down on anti-social behaviour in Penarth.
Due to recent anti-social behaviour being reported in Rectory Road Lane, local officers will use anti-social behaviour legislation to ban people who are causing problems from using the lane.
The Safer Vale Partnership, which includes South Wales Police and the local authority, will be issuing banning letters to anyone participating in street drinking, verbal abuse, littering and urinating in the lane.
The proposed ban would be for a minimum of six months.

Gethin Robinson, a representative for the Safer Vale Partnership, said: “If the ban is not adhered to the Safer Vale Partnership will be looking to take further action.
“If you have any concerns in relation to this, or wish to report a crime or anti-social behaviour contact the police on 101.”

Sergeant Julie Madoc-Smart, of Penarth police station, said: “We understand the impact anti-social behaviour can have on the community and we take incidents of anti-social behaviour very seriously.
“We continue to work with our partners to ensure the most appropriate and effective action is utilised to address community concerns.
“We will be increasing patrols in the area and anyone found to be causing problems will be issued with a banning letter.”

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