South Wales Police praised by HMIC in its overall assessment of forces

The HMIC has today praised South Wales Police for the way it keeps people safe and reduces crime.

The conclusions are part of an assessment, looking at the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of all the forces in England and Wales.

South Wales Police was once again rated “good” across all three areas, with HMI Wendy Williams concluding that she was “very pleased” with the performance of the force.

HMI Wendy Williams concluding that she was “very pleased” with the overall performance of the force.

In the report Ms Williams commented: “I am very pleased with the overall performance of South Wales Police.

“South Wales Police is good at preventing crime and tackling anti-social behaviour. Neighbourhood officers engage well with local people and have a thorough knowledge of their issues and concerns.

“I am very pleased with the improvements that South Wales Police has made in the way it protects vulnerable people from harm and how it supports victims.  The force now has a good understanding of the nature and scale of vulnerability among people in South Wales.  It has trained staff to identify repeat and vulnerable victims when they first contact the force, and this means that the most vulnerable people are receiving an appropriate response.”

Deputy Chief Constable Matt Jukes said: “The conclusions of today’s assessment report are the culmination of continued hard work across the force and it is very pleasing to see that being recognised by the HMIC.

“Through the work that South Wales Police is doing in partnership with local organisations we are seeing some very effective results which are making a real difference to our communities.

“But this hard work has to continue. The nature of crime is changing and we will strive constantly to improve our response to these emerging threats and to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, Rt Hon Alun Michael, also welcomed the report.

He said: “Today’s assessment clearly shows that South Wales is a force that listens and works incredibly hard for its communities. This is also borne out by our consistently good victim satisfaction results and I am very pleased to see that the Inspectorate has acknowledged the good work that is going on within South Wales Police.

“The HMIC has already this year concluded that South Wales Police is ‘outstanding’ in the way it engages with our communities and this is in line with the priorities set out by the Chief Constable and myself to prevent crime, support victims and to work in partnership.

“The Police and Crime Reduction Plan has a strong focus on early intervention and prompt, positive action and is based on close co-operation with partners in local government, the health service and the voluntary sector, as well as Welsh Government – setting out a number of key priorities for keeping our communities safe.

“Today’s HMIC report reflects the way we are putting this vision into practice and underlines the fact that our commitment to prevent crime, to support victims and work in partnership is well understood throughout the force.”

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