Two Llantwit Major Teenagers given string of bans after campaign of crime and anti-social behaviour

Two problematic teenagers who plagued residents in Llantwit Major with anti-social behaviour and crime have been given Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO).

Joshua Mannings, 16, and Jack Yilmaz, 17, were handed the orders at Cardiff Magistrates Court on 26 October, 2017, after police gave evidence on behalf of the Safer Vale Partnership.

It is hoped that the order – which will be in place for two years – will bring an end to a spate of incidents which caused misery for residents and local business owners.

Among other things, the CBO bans the pair from being seen together anywhere in the town and also prevents them from entering a string of shops.

It gives police powers to arrest them and put them before the courts in the event of any breach.

Under conditions of the CBO, Joshua Mannings and Jack Yilmaz must not:

  • Engage in any conduct capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance, including throwing any items in circumstances, which could cause damage or injury.
  • Jack YILMAZ and Joshua MANNINGS will not enter a public place, within Llantwit Major, in the company of each other, unless in the company of anyone working for, or on behalf of an, educational establishment or representing the Youth Offending Service.
  • Be in any public place in an intoxicated condition due to consumption of alcohol or other substances.
  • Be in possession of alcohol in any public place (until the age of 18 years)
  • Enter any licenced premises or off-licence except in the company of a parent (until the age of 18 years).
  • Enter any premises from which they are currently banned or upon which a future written ban is placed by the occupier or person in control of the premises.  This currently includes, Filco Supermarkets, within Llantwit Major this is Filco Supermarket, Spar Llantwit Major, Toymaster Llantwit Major and Plaza Toymaster Llantwit Major.
  • Wear a balaclava or other facial covering in a public place which disguises or hides his identity.
  • Enter any premises or private land to which he has not been invited or otherwise have legitimate business, cause or authority to enter.

Pc Natalie Harris, Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator at the Safer Vale Partnership, said:

“The people of Llantwit Major are proud of their town and will not tolerate this type of behaviour. They are urged to contact us immediately if the two individuals are seen to breach any of the conditions.”

The Youth Offending Service is leading an educational initiative within the town to try and divert youths away from being involved in anti-social behaviour and crime.

Residents and business owners are also being urged to join or set up Neighbourhood Watch schemes so that we can work together to keep Llantwit Major a peaceful and safe place to live, work and visit. For further information please can contact (01446) 450200.

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