Vale of Glamorgan Council proposes 4.9% increase in Council Tax to help bridge funding gap

An increase in council tax in the Vale of Glamorgan is set to be proposed to councillors later this month as the Vale of Glamorgan Council seeks to mitigate the impact of recent cuts in funding from Welsh Government on services in the county.

The Council’s cabinet will next week consider a report recommending an increase of 4.9% from the current rate of council tax. This would set level for a Band D property at £1,245.06 a year for 2019/20.

Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Council, said: “The Vale of Glamorgan Council has made savings of £55m since 2010 – more than the entire budget for adult social care this year. Despite this we face a greater financial challenge than ever in 2019/20.

“Demand for our services, such as education and social care, continues to rise, along with the cost of delivering them, and we must now meet a significantly increased cost in the forms of increased employer’s contributions to the Teachers Pensions Fund.  This increase, resulting from a review of the teachers’ pension scheme, will cost the Council £3.1m over the next two years.

“We are not, however, simply passing these costs onto residents. We have had real successes in recent years in reducing the cost of delivering services and alongside the increase in council tax we have set ourselves a tough savings target of more than £3.7m for the next twelve months.”

If approved by the Council’s cabinet the budget proposals will then be presented to a meeting of full council on 27 February. If agreed this would set the Council’s budget for 2019/20 at £226m, of which £87m would be earmarked for schools and £48m for adult social care, among other vital services.

A separate report also being considered at the same meeting proposes that the 50% reduction in council tax for vacant properties and second homes be removed, a move that could generate income for the authority while bringing empty homes back into use.

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One thought on “Vale of Glamorgan Council proposes 4.9% increase in Council Tax to help bridge funding gap

  1. Sooo with last year’s increase combined with this year’s increase, along with next year’s and the year after that, at this rate you are looking at a near 20% Increase in council tax in four years.
    I suggest you harrass Westminster for more money that it loves to just burn on dubious public sector contracts.
    High speed rail line anyone????, only twice the price of the original quote. That’s just one example. You won’t be getting anymore from me thank you.
    Some of us are still 6years behind in PAY increases. So kindly close the door on the way out.

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