Vale MP Alun Cairns holds Brexit Public Meeting

Vale MP Alun Cairns has held another Public Meeting on Brexit, following an eventful week in Parliament which saw the departure date extended from 29th March 2019 and MPs vote against the Withdrawal Agreement for a third time, leaving the path forward on Brexit uncertain.

Hundreds of residents packed out the meeting room at the Duke of Wellington in Cowbridge, as they sought out clarity on the options available ahead of the new date of departure from the EU, on Friday 12th April 2019.

Mr Cairns said, “With everything that has gone on in Westminster, it is my responsibility as the MP for the Vale to keep residents up to date on the process of leaving and what the likely next steps are. There has been huge public interest from Vale residents of all persuasions. Even though I voted to Remain at the 2016 Referendum, I am committed to delivering on and respecting the result to Leave. In the Parliamentary votes, I have consistently backed the Prime Minister’s Deal, which delivers the result and I am hopeful that we will have a resolution which will see the UK leave the EU without a long delay, providing certainty to people and businesses.”

He added, “I would like to thank everyone who attended and for remaining respectful throughout the meeting. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of unpleasant and threatening correspondence to Members of Parliament. I’m glad that this did not surface at the public meeting and that we had a civilised and useful discussion.”

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Nathan Spackman

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2 thoughts on “Vale MP Alun Cairns holds Brexit Public Meeting

  1. He spoke of threatening and insulting messages being received at his office. Other MP’s have had the same experiences with those demanding Brexit going as far as issuing MP’s with death threats. The referendum should have never been called – Mr Cairns is reaping the harvest of the seeds sown by a referendum he supported, with a campaign designed to sir up hatred & fear for political and financial advantage.

    What we have is the EDL/Britain First in alliance with those who believe that the Lisbon Treaty will come into effect in 2020 (it actually came into effect in 2009), and those who believed that the NHS & schools would be better funded if we withdrew from a peoples union. And then there is the publican (Tim Martin) who has received millions of pounds of free advertising for advocating Brexit, the tax dodgers like Lord Bamford and Dyson and newspaper owners, and those who would asset strip Britain in the event of Brexit.

    On the other side of the argument are those managing international businesses of all sizes, scientists and academics, people who work in international law and diplomacy, Erasmus students past, present and future.
    and those with some knowledge of the union of European peoples.

    Both sides had people vote with them, who were making their best attempt to judge what was going on… trying to judge what was best for their families from the snippets of information they had along with the exaggerations, lies, misunderstandings, etc. And Remain was severally handicapped by having the incompetent George Osborne (the man booed at the 2012 Olympics) leading it.

    There are people who’ve chosen each side and are supporting that side, passionately, as if it was a football team, disregarding facts that don’t support their position.

    Alun Cairns has said that “investors” are waiting to enter the UK – to buy our remaining industries and more of our property, so more British people will be slaves to foreign landlords. Instead of Brexit, we should be looking to New Zealand, and blocking foreigners purchasing flats and houses in the UK from overseas. This would make housing more affordable!

    Brexiters want a WTO Brexit… What exactly is this? We don’t have agreed schedules, so we cannot unilaterally declare that “we” – meaning UK companies – will trade under WTO terms…

    These Brexiters in favour of this, are they going to start exporting goods, materials or services if the UK leaves the European Union? I doubt it! This sort of decision needs to be agreed with those who are actually involved in exports. We need good governance, not fools justifying bad decisions because of an advisory referendum several years ago that was won by breaking British electoral law and telling lies, such as Turkey was about to join the EU.

    Brexit does nothing for those in work but still reliant on food-banks, does nothing to make housing more affordable, does nothing to make our society more inclusive or more equitable, does nothing to protect our environment or culture, does nothing to shorten NHS waiting lists or to improve care, does nothing to better maintain our streets and public buildings, does nothing to improve our schools, does nothing to provide better employment opportunities.

    Brexit is a waste of time, energy and money, a distraction from real issues…

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