Vale MP Goes Environmental for Lent

Vale MP Alun Cairns has chosen an alternative bad habit to forgo this Lent.

Following Sir David Attenborough’s recent Blue Planet series which shed light on the tonnes of plastic polluting the world’s waters, national campaigns such as Sky Ocean’s #PassOnPlastic have been actively encouraging consumers across the UK to live a plastic-free lifestyle.

Speaking of his eco-friendly decision, Mr Cairns has shared his hopes that other residents of the Vale will choose to pass on plastic. He said, “When thinking of what to give up for Lent this year, I wanted to choose something that would really make a difference to the environment and local community. I am already an avid recycler, however I can admit that I will frequently grab a coffee in a takeaway mug, when it would be much more environmentally friendly to bring my reusable flask.

“When I learned that over 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year – that’s quarter of a ton every second – I knew that I definitely wanted to play my part in the #PassOnPlastic campaign. That is why I have chosen to give up non-reusable cups for Lent this year.

“I urge anybody who is considering a greener lifestyle to take their own reusable mugs or flasks when ordering a takeaway drink. Alternatively, head to cafés such as Cwtch on High Street, Barry who offer their own biodegradable cups. This Lent, people across the Vale can help to protect our precious environment by choosing to pass on plastic.”

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Nathan Spackman

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