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15th May 2019

Vale AM welcomes statement from ministers regarding EIA at Barry Biomass UK No.2 Ltd

BY: Nathan Spackman

Vale of Glamorgan Assembly Member Jane Hutt has welcomed a statement today from Ministers regarding the EIA acknowledging a potential breach of the EIA Regulations which have led to this statement to remedy a breach at Biomass UK No.2 Ltd.

It comes after Jane called for an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Barry Incinerator in 2018.

In a statement she said "I know this Statement will be widely welcomed by the people of Barry with a fresh consultation on an environmental statement now taking place.

The statement says ‘this would ensure that all of the potential environmental impacts which could arise from the development are collated and that communities have the opportunity to consider and respond to that information’.

I have supported the Docks Incinerator Action Group and objected to the Incinerator at the heart of Barry at every stage of the planning and environmental permit process.

I am meeting with the Minister to discuss the way forward and look forward to these fresh opportunities to present the strong evidence which has been gathered on public concerns regarding the adverse environmental impacts of the proposed Biomass Plant in my constituency.”

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