View sought over highways and sustainable transport plans within the vicinity of Penarth Heights

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has received a contribution of £1.4m from the developers of Penarth Heights for Sustainable Transport improvements near the site, and is reaching out to hear from local residents.

The financial contribution was secured from a Section 106 Agreement which requires the contribution to be spent at on improving access for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, taxis or car sharers near Penarth Heights.

A number of schemes have already been implemented from the financial contribution, including:

  • zebra crossings on Plassey Street;
  • the lighting scheme at the zig-zag path;
  • the woodland footpath and steps from Paget Road to Penarth Marina;
  • cycle parking for key destinations in Penarth; and
  • the 95A bus service diversion route.

In addition to the sustainable transport contribution as noted above, the Council has also received an additional £160,000 to be spent on undertaking highway improvements for vehicle movements, which was also secured as part of the Section 106 Agreement.

The Council has therefore been considering a number of options for improvements to the Windsor Road/ Plassey Street Roundabout and enhancing the layout and materials used in this area to create an attractive ‘Gateway’ to Penarth Town Centre. The Council welcomes feedback on the different options, and would like to hear any other ideas residents may have for improving walking and cycling facilities and infrastructure in this area.


These options are:

1: Re-aligned roundabout junction

This option would retain a roundabout junction. The roundabout central island would be enlarged to reduce the speed of vehicles going through the junction.

  1. One Way System – Plassey Street

This option proposes to remove the roundabout and introduce a three way signalised junction with toucan crossings.

  1. A give-way junction

This option proposes to remove the roundabout and the primary route would be Windsor Road, and there would be a new T-junction introduced to connect Windsor Road with Plassey Street. The T-junction would not be signalised.

  1. Complete one way system

This option would see a complete one way system in place on Windsor Road from the junction with High Street, travelling north towards Cogan, and travelling south from Cogan along Plassey Street up to the junction with High Street.


Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, Cllr Jonathan Bird, said: “The schemes which have already been implemented are a great addition and have improved access for those living in or near Penarth Heights.  However, there is more to do to improve the cyclist and pedestrian links to the town centre and the nearby train stations to promote the use of sustainable transport. In improving the access around this area we see an opportunity to create an attractive gateway entrance to Penarth Town Centre.

“We’d like to hear what residents think about the options that have been proposed and will look to implement a scheme later on this year.”

You can respond to this consultation by completing the online survey or attending a drop-in session.

More information on the suggested options for improvements can be found on the Vale of Glamorgan Council website.

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