Visitors to Vale Country Parks urged to take care when using disposable barbecues

Visitors to Cosmeston and Porthkerry country parks are being urged to take care when using disposable barbecues after damage was caused to land and furniture.

Picnic benches have needed to be replaced because of large black burns, while there are also scorch marks on sections of grass left by metal trays filled with hot charcoal.

These incidents have occurred because disposable barbecues have not been placed on safe surfaces or properly extinguished after use.

A bench which had to be replaced after being damaged by disposable barbecues.

When using such devices to cook, it is important to remember the following:

  • They should be placed on an even non-flammable surface like bricks or paving slabs.
  • There should be no trees, buildings, sheds or fences anywhere near the cooking area.
  • Barbecues must not be used on public benches or tables.
  • They need to have completely cooled off – over a period of hours – and then dowsed in water before being placed in a bin.

Cllr Jonathan Bird, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, said: “We want people to enjoy our country parks, particularly during warm weather like we’re enjoying at the moment. Visitors are welcome to use a barbecue whilst they are in Porthkerry or Cosmeston, but they must do so responsibly.

“These items can cause damage to furniture and vegetation and there have been a string of serious examples of this recently.

“We would ask people to be considerate when using disposable barbecues because the heat they produce can not only leave char marks that spoil the appearance of the parks, they also pose a significant safety risk.”

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