We’ve found where you can get your hands on a Yorkshire Wrap

You may have seen the Yorkshire Wrap, which has recently been sweeping the internet.

We’ve found out where you can get your hands on one in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Glenbrook Inn are serving Yorkshire Wrap’s as part of their famous Sunday lunches for just £5.95 or £6.95 with gravy and potatoes.

The Yorkshire Pudding Wrap available at the Glenbrook Inn.

The Glenbrook Inn serves a traditional Sunday lunch alongside their new Yorkshire Wrap every Sunday between 12pm & 7pm. Call to book your table on 01446 747 808 or pop in on Dobbins Road, Barry.


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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Operations Manager at Bro Radio. You'll occasionally find him with our street team and hosting at local events as well as presenting our facebook live videos.