Dave Watts

About Dave Watts:
Cardiff boy by birth but adopted Barry as my home in 2000. A big softie at heart who’s head has actually confirmed by scientists to be ‘egg-shaped’. They had white coats and clipboards so it must be right.

I have four children and a very wonderful patient wife. I work full time in Cardiff and try to balance my volunteering with these commitments which doesn’t leave much time for sports. Which is fine by me as I’m rubbish at them and they don’t much like me either!

About Saturday Daytime:
Saturday Daytime is a mix of great tunes and the occasional tale of my various mishaps as I stumble down the hazard littered hallway we call life!

Each week I play a tribute to one of our famous listeners birthdays (Please Note: This is purely speculative and has zero proof at all!) by playing a song tenuously linked to them.

I then take things slow and smooth for Love at 11, three love songs back to back and if you’re lucky I break out my luuurve voice.

Then I hit you right in the ears with three entries into Soundtrack Saturday in which I pick three songs from movies that I think people would like to say ‘Oooh I like this one’ when they hear it, I’m easily pleased me.

What is your favourite place in the Vale & why?:
My favourite place in the Vale is my In-Laws house. It’s always warm and full of love.

It has a wonderful view of Barry and it’s a frequent meeting point for family and that’s super important to me. Most of my best memories in recent years are from that house.

What are your top three favourite songs?:
Mr Big – To Be With You
Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror
Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love

Why do you volunteer for Bro Radio?:
Having suffered with a stammer for as long as I remember, words were a huge monster I was terribly afraid of. If they were caught and pinned to the page, I no longer feared them.

When I tried to free them by speaking them aloud, they became wild and uncontrollable and refused to do what I wanted them to do. They say you should do what scares you; so I did.

Like a lion tamer who practices and practices, I now talk for a living. My stammer is always there, waiting to sneak out when I’m tired or worried but now, even though it still scares me every now and then, I can pin words down and speak them freely. Bro Radio is another way to do that.

What do you love about being part of the Bro Radio Team/being on air?:
It gives me a chance to share what I love: music that moves you. Music that makes you feel something, anything. Music is tied into memory and memory is what makes us human.

It defines who we are and brings us together. Our instinct when we experience something good is to share it and music is one of the earliest examples of that, music is meant to be shared.

Now more than ever, we need to remember what unites us. Bro Radio allowed me to do that with no prior experience and took their own time to train me up to do this. For that, I’ll always be grateful.