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Jane Morris

About Jane Morris:

Jane Morris presents Jane's House every Friday night from 7pm to 9pm on Bro Radio.

Jane is a bit of a rebel, who loves to prove people wrong when they say something cant be done. She is happy when she is being creative be that work or play. Oh and she LOVE's music!

About Jane's House:

Jane's House was actually named after a track that a producer friend of mine made during a 10-minute break in the studio, the lyrics are a little bit naughty  but its a great dance track! During the show I play music I like to dance to on the whole, from brand new releases to old skool via house, hip hop, r&b, disco, funk, soul, with a smattering of reggae and grime.

I occasionally have guests on the show so if you are a local artist get in touch.


What is your favourite place in the Vale & why?:

That's a difficult one, Penarth, Jackson when the tides in, Llantwit Major especially on a stormy day......the list goes on.


What are your top three favourite songs?:

My 3 favourite songs I very rarely play on the radio but they are:

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free by Nina Simone – my all time fav, its the lyrics that I connect with the most but the vocal is so full of emotion.........

Wings of a Dove by Desmond Dekker – another happy song! I was lucky enough to see him live twice.

The Banana Song by GSP – I never met a banana I didn't like!


Why do you volunteer for Bro Radio?:

I would recommend volunteering to everyone, whether it be for Bro Radio or anything else. It is a great way to meet new people, help people and learn something new.

Whether its for an hour a week or longer, the volunteer gets much more from volunteering than just something to do.

Give it a go, try something new and see what a difference it makes !


What do you love about being part of the Bro Radio Team/being on air?:

I love music and being able to share that with people is such an amazing experience!

I also love finding new and up and coming artists or less well-known ones who are putting out great music, some of my favourites at the moment include Foor, Purple Disco Machine, Kara Marni to name a few.

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