Patrick Downes

Every Saturday morning between 10am and 2pm with Bring the Noise, it’s a mish mash of the best music and latest film news. There’s also #LoveAt11 with the world’s finest love songs, #RewindTheNoise where he’ll dig out a song you’ve not heard in ages, and #BringTheQuiet, a moment of perfect serenity – or a cracking acoustic version of a song you’ll know really well.

Where is your favourite place in the Vale?
Southerndown – Except don’t ask about being sunburnt!

What are your top three songs?
Coldplay – Viva La Vida
Manics – The Everlasting
Mcfly – Love is easy

Why do you love being part of the Bro Radio Team?

Now I could say it’s because I love the team, but we know that’s not entirely true of them all (no names), but it’s more to do with where I broadcast to. To use a football analogy, there is only one Vale of Glamorgan!

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