Keep our beaches clean!

With Summer here, join our campaign to keep the Vale’s beaches tidy!

In recent days social media has been filled with pictures and videos of litter along Barry Island beach.

Thankfully a group of local children went out of the way to clean up Barry Island beach!

Here at Bro Radio, we love the Vale and we’re quite partial to a day on the beach!  That’s why we’ve created our campaign to help keep our beaches tidy.

To join our campaign simply find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and like, share and retweet our posts to join our campaign to keep Vale beaches tidy this summer. You can even click here to print off a copy of our campaign poster to put up in your shop window!


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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Sales & Events manager at Bro Radio. You'll occasionally find him with our street team and hosting at local events as well as presenting our facebook live videos.