Mental Health Awareness Week

If you have ever had a moment where you felt like this is all getting a bit much, you are not alone. Seventy- four percent of us have at some-point over the last year felt overwhelmed, or unable to cope.

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week supported by The Royal Foundation and Heads Together. On Tuesday, May 15th at 10:59am 300 community, commercial radio and the BBC stations will unite for the first time ever, to play a one minute message about mental health including some of the world’s most recognisable voices.

Throughout the week we’ll also be talking to local charities, organisations and those who have suffered from mental health about the topic of stress and the breaking down stigmas around mental health. Tune in to find out more information, or look below at some of the charity partners where you can get help or locating someone to talk to.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, Nathan who will be covering for Geoff between 10am & 12pm will be speaking to local organisations about the support and services they offer to those suffering from mental health, as well as those who have and are suffering from Mental Health.

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Nathan Spackman

Nathan is the Operations Manager at Bro Radio. You'll occasionally find him with our street team and hosting at local events as well as presenting our facebook live videos.