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Promote your business on Bro Radio

Bro Radio is the community radio station for the Vale of Glamorgan, promoting life, events and organisations in the Vale of Glamorgan.

We are proud of where we live and the 100's of independent businesses which make up high streets across the County.

We target a wide ranging audience, predominately aged 25 – 54 with our daytime programming focusing on music from the 1960's to today, along with local news, information and events for the County. Our specialist programming during the evenings and weekends serves a wider audience with genres including Reggae, Rock, Dance and Welsh Language.

By advertising your business on Bro Radio, you'll not only support a growing local radio service and its team of volunteers – but get your business heard!

We also run the Vale's only dedicated business directory and events website,, where you can submit your business details and events to be promoted to 1000's of visitors each month.

Radio advertising is more affordable than you may think!

On air campaigns are available from as little as £190pcm, with sponsorship of on air programmes from as little as £165pcm.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Vale Breakfast
  • Vale Drive
  • Traffic and Travel

Bro Radio offers a multi-platform solution to advertising, with the option to add social media, website and event awareness campaigns alongside traditional on airtime.

Reaching 22,000 local listeners every month*, with 85,000+ online listeners, 25,000 people reading local news via each month and the largest social media following of any media organisation based in the County, there has never been a better time to advertise with Bro Radio.

Bro Radio offers a wide range of advertising and sponsorship packages to suit all businesses and budgets.

What some of our advertise say about Bro Radio


"We're very happy with our Bro Radio advertising campaigns.
We sponsor the 'Drivetime' show, and run additional campaigns through the day.
They're a great team to deal with and it's our pleasure to work with this brilliant radio station that does so much good in the community."
Peter Marshall - Marketing Director at Victoria Park Mazda


"Working with the Bro Radio team to create campaigns to promote Fonmon is a pleasure.
Following lockdown, it was crucial to let the local community know that everything at the castle, dinosaur park and medieval farm had reopened and Bro helped us to do that. Whilst it is difficult to say how many of our visitors came as a result of the campaign, many of them told us they had heard it. The team are very helpful, incredibly creative and professional and the value for money is incredible."
Ross O'Hennessy - Fonmon Castle


"As owner of Barry based Composite Doors Cardiff Limited, I originally contacted BroRadio to show support to a local radio station. My youngest daughters attended the YMCA in Barry for Gymnastics every weekend, so it seemed a logical place to advertise, at the same time as showing some support. Several years have passed since I made the decision to try a short
advertising campaign with them and we are now in our 5th year of sponsoring the Vale Weather. This gives us masses of
exposure throughout the day. 

Why do I still choose to support our local radio station? It's honestly not about the money, although we have obviously received interest and orders because of our airtime, it's because BroRadio and all of the people involved in it (both on and off air) do have their heart in the Vale.
Quite frankly we are proud to be associated with people who dedicate so much of themselves to others, and we don't envisage stopping our sponsorship any time soon."
Rob Renée - Managing Director at Composite Doors


“Within a few weeks of advertising on Bro Radio, we saw a marked increase in business which has continued over the months, even during the firebreak lockdown. If you want to promote your business, get on Bro Radio.”
Dave Elliot – Managing Director at TL Systems


"During our campaign with Bro Radio, we've noticed an upturn in business enquiries and both current and new patients have been mentioning that they have heard our advert on the radio"
Justin Blasizza - The Vale Foot Clinic


Within the first couple of months of our ad airing on Bro Radio we had enquiries from a caravan park and 2 estate agents.  I am delighted with the response'. 

Phil Price - We Clean Easy


'We have been very impressed by Bro Radio and have recommended you to other businesses for advertising. 
You are a lovely team to work with and we have enjoyed working in partnership with Bro Radio.'

Isabel Miller - Care in Wales


If you're going to advertise,(and you should), it makes sense to spend your advertising money where you get the most results… Radio! Here are ten reasons why radio is your best choice (courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau).

1)  Radio sells with immediacy.

Research proves that radio regularly reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day. Can there be a better time to reach customers than on their car radio while they are driving to do today's shopping?

2)  Radio sells everywhere. 

Radio is the only true mobile medium. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there…the companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go.

3)  Radio sells with intimacy. 

In your personal life, when you have something very important to communicate to someone, which would you prefer – to show them a picture, to write to them, or to talk with the intimacy and emotion of the human voice? Radio sells with intimacy.

4)  Radio stars in the theatre of the mind. 

Want a 100-piece symphony orchestra in your ad, an elephant, a chorus, a laughing child, a love song? With word pictures and emotion-evoking sounds, radio's theatre of the mind stimulates the most emotion-filled pictures the mind can comprehend.

5)  Radio escapes advertising's clutter. 

Today's newspapers average 2/3 ad copy to 1/3 editorial copy. TV spends about 1/3 of its time on advertising. Today's radio, at about 10 minutes of advertising per hour, devotes less than 1/5 of its time to ads. Radio is the uncluttered medium.

6)  Radio is the cost effective medium.

Newspaper rates are up (even though circulation is down). TV ad rates are up (even though viewership is down). Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising.

7)  Reach is nice, but frequency sells.

Newspaper and TV are reach media – they reach varying numbers of people. Psychologists tell us that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message at least three times before it begins to penetrate. Most local businesses cannot afford the necessary three-times-plus frequency that effective advertising demands – except on radio. Radio is the reach and frequency medium you can afford.

8)  Radio's targeted advertising sells.

Radio's variety of formats allows you to pinpoint your advertising on the station or stations that best match your customer's interests. You cannot pinpoint advertising in the broad-reach, scattershot newspaper and TV media forms. Radio's unique targeting ability saves you money.

9)  You're always on the front page with radio. 

With radio advertising you are front and centre in the listener's attention span when your ad is on the air. You're never buried on page 42 and you're never surrounded by your competitor's ads. With radio, you are always on the front page.

10)  Radio is an active medium in an active society.

Passive forms of advertising simply list merchandise or tell you where a product is available. Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service. Today's hotly competitive marketplace demands an active medium.  That's radio! 

Bro Radio is the Station that loves the Vale, a perfect mix of local news and information for the Vale of Glamorgan, along with some of the greatest songs from the 60's right through to today's best hits. Unlike conventional stations, our listeners are extremely diverse, with Bro Radio offering a show for everyone, however our core day to day audience is 25 – 54 years old.

We're proud to be local, broadcasting from Barry to the eastern Vale of Glamorgan 24/7, allowing us to be closer to our listeners and your customers. After all if the majority of business happens locally, then why would you want to pay to speak to someone in Swansea or Newport?

Want to find out more? Contact us on 01446 420 681 or email [email protected] 

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Bro Radio is the trading name of Vale of Glamorgan Broadcasting CIC. Company number: 6071362

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