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Dan Moffat

Dan is a University of South Wales Journalism graduate, a news reporter and presenter for Bro Radio and part of the View From The Ninian team.

The new Conservative Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central says he doesn't want to forget about the Vale of Glamorgan, and wants to build his profile in the county.

Joel James was elected as the Conservative MS for the region in the Senedd election last month, and was one of 19 new faces who have joined the Welsh Parliament for the first time.

Mr James used to work for the Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns, and has family in the area, he told Bro Radio's 'Vale This Week' that he wants to continue to build links in the county.

"The Vale have got an excellent regional Senedd member in terms of Andrew RT Davies, and I really want to emulate that"

"Something I've always twigged with regional members is their stronghold always seems to be where they're from, for example when Leanne Wood was a regional member, her work was very much geared to The Rhondda, and then Neil McEvoy was heavily focused in Cardiff and Cardiff West.

"Although I want to work in Rhondda Cynon Taf, I don't want to forget about the Vale, I've worked there for years, I've got family there, and I'm very much looking forward to working my socks off for it, I'm already starting to get some casework coming through, and I want to try and increase my profile in the Vale".

Mr James being sworn in as a Member of the Senedd last month.

Mr James was born and raised in Pontypridd, and has been a councillor on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council since 2008, when he became the first Conservative councillor on the council.

Before his venture into mainstream politics he was a school librarian at Cardiff Sixth Form College, and before that worked in a sausage roll factory.

Speaking to Bro Radio Mr James said the first month of being a Member of the Senedd had been 'Hectic'

"It's been stressful, hectic, terrifying as well really, one of the things that has struck me is you're expected to know what you're doing straight off, in terms of employing staff, getting an office, even the basics of sorting emails and social media, so it has been a fun induction."

Mr James is also the new Shadow Minister for Social Partnership

The new MS said one of his priorities would be "helping those who have fallen through the cracks".

"The thing that has always motivated me is helping those people who the system doesn't quite work for them yet, and I want to focus on helping them.

"I also want to increase the profile of the Conservatives in areas where historically we aren't that present.

"I'm also keen to raise aspirational ambitions of residents, in terms of increasing social mobility for example, which ties in with my shadow brief I've now been given which is quite ranging.

The Vale tennis club behind Wales’ first Padel court say they are "delighted" to have opened the court this week.

Penarth Windsor Lawn Tennis Club are the first in the country to have a court for one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Anthony Phillips is the former chairman of the club, who has been involved in the plan since the beginning. 

He told Bro Radio’s ‘Vale This Week’ programme about Padel: "It's the fastest growing sport in Spain, it's the second most popular sport after football, it's massively popular throughout mainland Europe and has recently come over to the UK too.

The sport is a mix between tennis and squash, is played within a glass cube court, and is played with a Padel bat and ball.

"We've had great interest from the Spanish contingent in the Cardiff area who are all raving about it!" He added.

The court was paid for in full by Game4Padel and opened to the public last weekend.

Games and can be booked to play on by members of Windsor Penarth LTC and non-members who can book courts and coaching sessions at or 

"It's a much easier game to start off with than tennis" Mr Phillips said.

"With Padel, four relatively inexperienced people can get on the court and have great fun straight away, it's brilliant for people who are just starting off, for young kids, or of course for seniors who don't want to run around a full tennis court anymore".

Some in the sport believe it could be an Olympic event by 2028 or 2032.

Alison and Charlotte Ray playing Padel on the first court in Wales at the Windsor Lawn Tennis Club in Penarth.

Mr Phillips said “There are Padel professionals out there playing for prize money, and we are hosting a professional Padel tournament on the 15th of August, which will be the first tournament in Wales."

You can listen to our full interview with Anthony Phillips on 'Vale This Week' below.

New annual charges for businesses that have outdoor pavement seating is an "easy way to get more money out of smaller businesses" according to one Vale of Glamorgan café.

The charges, which start in the county next month, will see businesses having to pay between £150 and more than £750 depending on the number of pavement tables and chairs a business has.

A fee has always been in place for outdoor pavement seating, but the fee will change from a set price for three years, to an annual charge.  

Marc Cheshire who owns the Caesars Coffee Lounge on Holton Road in Barry said he doesn't understand the need to bring the charges in when there are still restrictions on how businesses can operate.

Speaking to Bro Radio’s ‘Vale This Week’ programme, Mr Cheshire also said the changes will cost him more. 

"It used to be just under £500 for three years, now it's going to be £750 per year for us, but also they're charging per chair over a certain number, so I'll be paying nearly £2000 over three years, with no real reason for the increase in price.

“I don't understand really the Council's reasoning behind it, saying it helps smaller businesses, because I can't think of a single business that will benefit from it.

He added: "It seems like an easy way to get more money out of smaller businesses that are already struggling after the last year.

Outdoor seating area at Caesars Coffee Lounge in Barry (Marc Cheshire)

The council said the charges were aimed at limiting the amount of space cafes take up on the pavement and making street access easier for disabled people.

Plans from the Vale of Glamorgan council show the charges will change from a standard £497.50 charge for three years to a set variable annual price. 

The charges for outdoor seating from July are as follows:

  • One to two tables with up to eight chairs – £150
  • Three to four tables with up to 16 chairs – £300
  • Five to 10 tables with up to 40 chairs – £500
  • 11 tables or more with over 40 chairs – £750, plus £35 extra for each chair after 40

The fees were initially delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the Council rejected calls from Conservative Councillors and local businesses to delay them further.

Mr Cheshire believes that the council should have delayed the charges until a later date.

"I understand we use public space, I understand it needs to be looked at but what I don't understand is the urgency for it to introduce it next month.

"Why can't we wait until after all the restrictions are lifted? To me that makes the most sense. Once all the restrictions are lifted and we can have a full capacity back in the Café then fair enough you can charge us, but for now we're at less than half capacity, so the outdoor area we have on Holton Road is what we need to actually keep the business running.

Lis Burnett from the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, Liz Burnett said: "There have always been charges for placing furniture on pavements. Whereas previously these were set at a flat rate for three years, our new fees are set according to the number of chairs and tables a business chooses to place outside and are paid on an annual basis. We believe this makes them more flexible and cost effective for small businesses. The fee for a business with seating for up to 40 people on the pavement is less than £10 a week.   

“During the Covid-19 pandemic the Council issued dozens of street café licences to help local businesses adapt. This was done exceptionally quickly. The new licences were offered to businesses and no cost and this free period was extended beyond its planned end date to offer additional support to businesses recovering from the pandemic. 

“Our experience of recent weeks suggests that this is likely to be a busy summer period for hospitality businesses in our towns and resorts. Proper regulation of pavements and other public spaces helps us keep these safe for pedestrians and more importantly ensures our resorts and town centres can be enjoyed by those in wheelchairs or with young children.”   

You can listen to the full interview with Marc Cheshire on this week's 'Vale This Week' programme below:

Jane Hutt has been re-elected as the Member of the Senedd for the Vale of Glamorgan Constituency, retaining her seat for the fifth time.

Mrs Hutt beat The Conservative candidate Matt Smith by 3,270 votes, in a seat which the party will be disappointed not to have had a bigger impact in.

Speaking to Bro Radio in her first interview after being re-elected Jane Hutt said “I feel exhilarated, after a very long intense day, I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve had this support from the people of the Vale of Glamorgan once again, and so I’m ready now and freshly renewed to serve the Vale.”

"Mark Drakeford has made a huge impact, I brought him here, and people came out of their houses to thank him, and to say how well they felt that he’d led Wales through the pandemic. His two key words for this election have been about trust and ambition."

"Trust in the way that we have managed the pandemic, and of course I have been a part of his Government, proud to be part of his Government, but also that we move Wales forward."

"I’m very devoted to the Vale of Glamorgan, living here, working here for the last 22 years, serving the Vale, and I’m just so delighted I’ve been given the opportunity to serve the next term”

The full constituency results are as follows:

  • Labour – Jane Hutt: 18,667
  • Conservative – Matt Smith: 15,397
  • Plaid Cymru – Richard Grigg: 3,699
  • Abolish The Welsh Assembly – Stuart Field: 1394
  • Wales Green Party – Anthony Slaughter: 1262
  • Liberal Democrats – Sally Stephenson: 994
  • Propel – Janet Deborah Brocklehurst: 426
  • Reform UK – Michael Hancock: 416
  • Independent – Alan Terrence Coulthard: 237
  • Freedom Alliance – Neill Vasudeo Shah: 226
  • Gwlad – Karl James Langford: 174

Jane Hutt and Labour have represented the Vale of Glamorgan in the Senedd since 1999, it makes her one of the few candidates who has served her entire Senedd career as an MS for the Vale.

Turnout in the county was up by 1% - at 54.1% compared to 53.1 in 2016, with 43,090 people voting out of a possible 79,629.

It comes as 16 and 17 year olds across the country voted in a Senedd Election for the first time ever.

The Vale of Glamorgan was the final constituency to declare its results, with the remainder of the regional list seats - including the four South Wales Central seats - to be announced on Saturday.

Across Wales, Labour managed to hold on to all but one of it’s seats, losing Vale of Clwyd in North Wales to the Conservatives.

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru lost Rhondda to Labour, but held on to their other constituency seats.

The legislation and guidance around the wearing of face coverings in shops in Wales needs to be "tightened and explained further" according to the boss of one supermarket chain in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Director of Filco Supermarkets, Matthew Hunt, told Bro Radio's Vale This Week Programme that he was considering introducing tougher rules into his stores across South Wales, but wanted clearer guidance from the Welsh Government.

It comes after supermarket chains Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Waitrose all announced they would challenge people who refuse to wear a face mask, with some saying they will deny entry to anyone without a mask, unless they are medically exempt.

Under the current coronavirus rules, people must wear face coverings in shops across Wales, and supermarkets are expected to have social distancing and strict hygiene measures in place.

Asked if Filco Stores would be taking tougher action, Matthew Hunt said, "It's something we're certainly mindful of, wearing a mask offers protection to colleagues and other customers, it is high on our priority list to try and enforce that.

"But there is a huge grey area amongst this and that's the exemption clause and that is proving quite difficult to navigate

"If you're minded to do so, you could use that as an excuse for not wearing a mask, and that is exceptionally difficult for us to deal with at store level because there's no means of checking or understanding what reason that person presents for not wearing a mask."

According to the Welsh Government guidance, people who have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering include those:

  • Who are not able to put on or wear a face covering because of a physical or mental illness, or because of a condition or impairment
  • Who are accompanying somebody who relies on lip reading where they need to communicate and you cannot access a clear face covering
  • Who are escaping from a threat or danger and don’t have a face covering
(A tweet from The Welsh Government on the rules for shoppers)

Filco Supermarkets has nine stores across South Wales, including two in the Vale of Glamorgan - in Cowbridge and Llantwit Major.

The Welsh Government say Ministers have been in talks with retailers on how to improve safety and return to the strict observance of social distancing from the first lockdown, although no new guidance has been issued.

But, the boss of the Filco chain said he was not part of any discussion with Welsh Government officials, and pointed out he wants to see any new or existing guidance made clearer to customers and businesses.

"The legislation needs to be tightened and explained further to try and cut out some of the loopholes.

"We haven't had any direct communication with the Welsh Government at all, when they talk of discussions, they're really referring to the big supermarkets who are all based in England.

"The First Minister's weekly press conference is our first point of contact for us in terms of understanding new developments, and that is quite difficult."

The Welsh Government also say it is up to each store to enforce the rules in place, this is something that has led to some Filco Supermarket staff being abused.

"There has been a couple of nasty incidents, but thankfully they are minimal compared to some of the national supermarkets."

"We're very lucky that on the whole we have a local, loyal, customer base, the staff in our stores know our customer base very well and have a better relationship with them than some of the bigger stores.

Mr Hunt also reminded people of the click and collect and delivery options that Filco offer.

"We've been offering a delivery service throughout, customers can go on to the Snappy Shopper app or website, and that is available at Cowbridge and Llantwit Major stores, you can see some of the options on our website too."

You can listen back to the full interview with Matthew Hunt on this week's Vale This Week programme - hosted by Matthew Harris and Dan Moffat - by going to

Barry Town United are in the Faroe Islands tonight to take on NSI Runavik in a one-legged Europa League preliminary tie.

The game - in conjunction with the latest Covid-19 restrictions - will be played behind closed doors.

But, back home in Barry, the team clubhouse will be open and showing the game, which kicks off at 6pm tonight.

The match will also be available live on the Club's Facebook page.

(Barry fans dress the front of their houses in Town flags and scarves - Photo - BTU Members)

The winner of this evening’s tie will face Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen in the first qualifying round on Thursday 27th August.

Speaking to the Club's media before the game, boss Gavin Chesterfield said he was looking forward to the match.

Ex-Wales international David Cotterill told the team's media that he hopes his experience will help the rest of the squad.

Fans have also been giving their thoughts ahead of the match, John McAllister is quietly confident, and will be glad to see Barry back in action.

(Barry Town fan John McAllister gives his thoughts ahead of the game)

The clubhouse at Jenner Park will be open to welcome supporters and host a match-day atmosphere whilst complying with social distancing guidelines.

The club have confirmed that commemorative match tickets will also be on sale.

Local NHS and care workers have been treated to a day out at the Barry Island Pleasure Park this afternoon.

Over 1,200 local Cardiff and Vale key workers have been given food and drink and free access to the park's rides as a thank-you for their work during the pandemic.

It was organised by South Wales company Chemical Corporation, and sponsored by the Park’s owner Henry Danter, who wanted to give something back to the key workers who have worked throughout the pandemic.

Speaking to Bro Radio at the event, park owner Henry Danter said, "I wanted to say thank you to all these great people that have helped us throughout this crisis.

"It's the worse crisis that anyone in business has ever suffered, it's been the toughest time I've ever experienced, so I just wanted to give something back."

(Park owner Henry Danter speaks to Bro Radio's Nathan Spackman)
(The park is open to everyone, and free to NHS and key workers)

The day was organised by Alan Barhum, the Chairman of South Wales company Chemical Corporation, who said he wanted to do something to support the key workers.

"Seeing all these people coming in with smiles on their faces has made me very proud of what we've done today.

"The Coronavirus has put a lot of pressure on the key worker's families too, so it's a day for everyone, hopefully this is something they will remember."

(Alan Barhum speaks to Bro Radio's Nathan Spackman about the event)
(Ex Welsh rugby star Craig Quinnell was one famous face in attendance)

Also in attendance were some famous faces, including ex-Wales Rugby star Craig Quinnell,

"It's such weird times at the moment, but to see everyone with a smile on their face is brilliant."

(Craig Quinnell speaks to Bro Radio's Ben Dain-Smith)

A 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy have been arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm, following reports of shots being fired in Penarth earlier today.

The incident took place in the Redlands Road area of the town at around 2pm this afternoon.

Police were alerted shortly after, and armed police were deployed to the scene.

As of 17:25 this evening, South Wales Police remain at a number of addresses in the town.

Police say there are no reports of any serious injuries, but one male youth has suffered a cut hand.

Redlands Road remains closed in both directions between Victoria Avenue and Elfed Avenue.

(Phone footage shows Police entering a house on an estate just off Lavernock Road - Credit - Bro Radio)

Anyone with information is being asked to call 101 or @Wales_CS and quote incident 675 of 13th August.

Cardiff City have announced the signing of Wales front-man Kieffer Moore in a deal thought to be worth around £2m.

Moore joins the Bluebirds from Wigan Athletic - who were recently relegated to League One and have went into administration.

The forward scored 10 goals for Wigan this season and featured during Wales' Euro 2020 qualification campaign, scoring important goals against Slovakia and Azerbaijan.

(Cardiff announced the signing on Twitter)

"The interest has been there for some time. I'm thrilled to get this over the line," said Moore.

"I've spoken to the manager and his desire is to get promoted to the Premier League and that is something I share.

"The fans were a deciding factor for me. I know I'm going to play really good football here. The game really suits me. To have the backing from the fans straight away is amazing.

"I'm looking forward to meeting all the boys and getting started."

Cardiff boss Neil Harris said: "I'm delighted to finally get him here. It is no secret that we tracked him in January but it wasn't possible at the time. Obviously he came here and scored two goals a few weeks later.

"He's a quality striker at this level. Our fans are fully aware of his ability - after that game and his appearances in the Welsh shirt.

"We're very pleased to get him on board."

Eighteen year old Ceri Vaughan Jones from Cowbridge says he's 'absolutely thrilled' with his A-level results, after achieving four A*'s during his final year at high school.

The Ysgol Bro Morgannwg pupil headed into school this morning to collect his results, and was ecstatic to find out he received an A* in Maths, Spanish, Biology and Welsh Bacc.

Ceri was one of thousands of students across Wales, waiting nervously for results day, during a very uncertain time for young people across the UK, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

(Ceri with his A-level results)

"I'm absolutely thrilled with these results and honestly I can't believe it.

"We were allowed to go into school to collect the results which was really nice as I got to see a few of my friends and the teachers and have a nice chat."

(LISTEN: Ceri reacts to his A-level results)

It was announced this morning that over 40% of final A-Level grades awarded today are lower than those predicted grades based on assessment.

Grades were initially based on teachers' estimates - but many were lowered by the exam watchdog as they were deemed "too generous".

But, a last minute announcement from the Education Minister Kirsty Williams last night, revealed students would not get grades lower than what they achieved in their AS exams last year.

That means up to 4,500 students may now be given improved grades.

Ceri says this was a welcome announcement for him and his friends.

(LISTEN: Ceri says the Education Minister's announcement was a welcome one)

Meanwhile, the number of A and A* grades at A-Level awarded in Wales have increased this year, up 3% compared to last year.

The percentage of candidates achieving A - E grades shows a small growth, with 91.4% achieving these grades.

Ceri now hopes to go and study Business Management with Spanish at Exeter University next year.

(LISTEN: Ceri talks about his plans for the future)
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