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Kane McMahon

Kane hosts the Local Music Show every Thursday from 7pm and is the voice behind local music and unsigned talent here at Bro Radio. If you're making music in South Wales, email your tracks to

Tom Auton’s new single 9 till 9 is truly a masterpiece. Like all his other songs, it’s in your face, pure rock and I love it. Every instrument works so well with each other and you can hear everything, from the hard-hitting guitar, to the smooth bass line, all the way to the slick drum beat.

The lyrics are also extremely catchy, after about two listens you’ll be singing the chorus to yourself, and maybe even the verses. If there was a top 40 charts for local music here in Wales, Tom Auton and the Bottle Breakers would be at number 1. It’s that good!

So far Tom is yet to disappoint me and for the 5th time in a row has received a 10/10 from me, or in this case, should I say 9/9…

9 till 9 is available to stream wherever you get your music.

Colours Of One have once again knocked it out of the park with their brand new single “Chemical Charm”. This Rock hit will get anybody on their feet and moving along, it’s that good of a single.

The instruments and the vocals go hand-in-hand and both work really well together. The blend of hard hitting Rock sounds, with gritty but also smooth vocals, really get to you and you just want to join in singing.

In a rare bit of criticism, I do have to say though that I feel like the reverb was overused a tad bit. At first I thought it was my headphones, but upon listening again with different headphones, I can say that they did use too much reverb/echo in certain parts of the song where it wasn’t needed, such as the verses. I also feel like the tempo doesn’t change, it’s the same or similar beat throughout, which, personally, I wouldn’t have done. A simple change in pace would have been nice, but that is me just being picky.

Overall the Colours Of One boys did great and I do strongly recommend this track as they never fail to impress. This track gets a solid 4.9/5 from me.

One year after music venues were forced to close in Wales, a group of young people have come together to prepare for the music industry’s resurgence by creating a free, digital Welsh music industry conference called Summit.

As part of the music project, Beacons, a group of four young consultants, recognised that there is a need for support for young people wanting to get into the industry after lockdown. After the careers of many artists were put on hold for a year, this is a great way for them to reconnect with the ever-growing industry and gain insight on how they can work within it.

With a number of music professionals from local bands, to PR representatives, content creators, and more, Summit covers every aspect of the industry and has talks from the likes of Ellie Wood (Mondaay Media), Casper James (Telgate), Lloyd Best (Dead Method), Ellis Lloyd Jones (Tiktok sensation).

Alexandra Jones, one of the organisers of Summit said:“It’s been a rubbish year for the music industry, and especially for young people like me who want to start their careers but have had to put it on pause. We’re hoping that Summit will help people to feel hopeful for their future in music.”

Summit will take place online from Friday 9 April to Sunday 11 April and showcase a wide range of experts who work in a number of crucial areas that will help the industry to get back on its feet including, social media, songwriting, A&R, taste-making, side hustling, PR and more.

For more information and to get your free ticket, visit

Tom Auton’s latest single Victim of the Groove is certainly one to listen to. His low-fi electric sound, combined with his smooth pop voice, make this track really catchy. There’s even little groovy guitar mini solos, which I adore as they don’t go on for too long and slot perfectly into the song.

The song is great for fans that like funky rock music as it fits well into that genre. Last year, Tom set the bar really high with “Blues train” and this year he looked at that bar and went “I want to make that higher” and he’s done so with this track.

“Victim of the Groove” shows how far Tom and the Bottle Breakers have come since their last EP and it also shows how great Tom is as a producer.

The only thing that brings this track down is the lack of dance routine that could be paired perfectly with this.

A great job from Tom and the Bottle Breakers. A solid 9/10

Check out the single here

Despite the recent hardships faced by the music industry in Wales, Forté Project, an artist development scheme for emerging musicians, recently announced the next nine musicians to take part in their 2021 programme, with five coming from South Wales.

Those five being:

KINGKHAN: A Cardiff based singer-songwriter who exemplifies what it means to have a DIY work ethic by producing his own tracks to filming his own videos. His music ranges from dance-pop to old school rap so there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Hemes: Based in Pontypridd, Hemes has been making her name known throughout the South Wales scene since she released her debut single last October. Her music is inspired by the likes of Grace Carter and Khalid, and infuses Arabian scales with modern day dark pop.

Mojo JNR: Mojo JNR provides a unique spin on indie pop, with his summer soundscapes and husky vocal musings. He takes inspiration from personal experiences and his emotions and makes it clear in his music.

The Honest Poet: Using raw power and emotion in every track he creates, THP writes  lyrical stories from a completely honest view point. He uses poetry and spoken word to enhance the tales he’s telling and combines a range of acoustic sounds with hip hop and soul to create an absolute treat for your ears.

Mari Mathias: Mari is a young Welsh folk/indie singer-songwriter that brings a fresh sound to traditional folk songs as well as her own material. She’s been with multiple bands throughout the Welsh music scene, making her name known and leaving a mark on the Welsh folk scene. She’s now ready to take the next step in her career and create some amazing music.

Thanks to funding secured by Arts Council of Wales and PRS Foundation, the Forte Project was able to expand for the first time across Wales and the chosen artists, aged between 16-25, will be given professional industry support designed to progress their early careers, during a six-month mentorship programme.

They will receive masterclasses from top names in the industry such as Romesh Dodaganda (Grammy-nominated producer: Bring Me The Horizons), Corey Sanders (Songwriter for Katy Perry), Warp Records (home to Brian Eno and Aphex Twin), Bethan Elfyn (BBC Radio Wales), and Davey Newington (Boy Azooga).

Forté Project’s Lead Officer, Spike Griffiths says:“Even though the past 12 months have been crushing for the music industry, it feels great to finally say that something good has emerged from such challenging times.

“It’s important that we adapt our ways of working to be relevant right now which is why we’ve introduced live streaming, home recording and mental health support packages for each artist.

“The new way of working has allowed us to expand outside of South Wales and discover the incredible quality of music emerging from Wales. Obviously, this all made things very difficult for the panel in the final selection process.”

Former acts who have previously benefited from Forté support include Welsh producer EÄDYTH, pop act HANA2K and singer-songwriter Otto, who signed to Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart’s record label in 2020.

Colours of One are due to release their latest single, “Haunts” next week and I was lucky enough to listen to the single early. Here’s what I think of it.

When I first got hold of the single, I was expecting the hard rock punch that Colours of One usually have, so I was surprised when I heard a multitude of new synth-like tones on the track. They really have gone down a different route with this single and it works really well.

The overall tune captures your ears, letting you hear every instrument and synth, while also having a signature tone. The lyrics compliment the song, with the vocals sitting comfortably over the music but not too loud or quiet.

Whether you’re a new fan of the band or one who’s been following them since the beginning, this song is perfect for all. The song appeals to everybody and I definitely recommend it.

I really think Colours of One have hit the ball out of the park with this track and I think this new sound they have could work well in their favour.

Haunts is out on the 26th of October on Spotify.

Cardiff Altrock band, WYNT, are set to release their new single, “BLOOM” this weekend.

I managed to get a sneak peek of the single and let me tell you, it’s extremely good! From the way they incorporate the gritty lead vocals with the hard hitting guitar, to the fact that every instrument can be heard throughout the entirety of the song.

The track isn’t very “in your face” but I like that. I love how it still provides a punch but doesn’t leave you sore afterwards.

Personally, I’d recommend this track to anybody who’s looking at listening to the South Wales rock scene, or anyone who’s just looking for a new band to listen to.

WYNT’s new single titled “BLOOM” can be heard on all streaming platforms from the 4th of September.

Check for updates on WYNT’s facebook:

A virtual music festival celebrating local musicians and raising money for charity is happening this weekend.

“Not The Main Stage” celebrates local and independent artists from across Wales, as well as other parts of the world, while also raising money for victims and organisations effected by the Beirut explosions.

The event will be broadcast on YouTube and will feature artists from Wales, including Cardiff based bands, such as POV & COLUMBIA, as well as artists from other parts of the world, including other parts of the UK.

Organiser of the festival, Honey told Bro Radio:

“I’m so pleased with the response we’ve got so far, especially since things have felt pretty dire for musicians and performers this year! I’ve seen so many performers and artists step up and say “okay, what can we do to keep people entertained/optimistic right now, how can we keep our industry alive” and I think Not The Main Stage was born out of that same mix of potential and frustration. In some ways the limitations we’re facing right now are forcing new ways to be creative, though I hope if nothing else the “people in charge” will wake up to how important the arts are, especially in times of crisis like this.To me, growing up Welsh means live music and performance absolutely saturates the culture, from Eisteddfodau in school to the Newport rock scene and major festivals like Green Man and Festival No 6 in Portmeirion. While this literally is “not the main stage”, I think the musical talent I’ve gathered together is worthy of any main stage, and I’m really excited to see the lineup perform myself!
On top of that, I wanted to raise money for Beirut after seeing the footage from the explosion earlier this month, especially since the people of Lebanon have been facing a particularly harsh few months of financial crisis and COVID-19 hitting them hard. The festival seemed like the ideal way to do that and I encourage everyone to donate whatever they can spare (especially since this will be free to watch) even if it’s just the price of the pint you would’ve bought at a festival bar this summer… or even a half pint!”

The event will be streamed on YouTube here and will also be available to watch afterwards.

“Not The Main Stage” takes place this weekend on the 29th and 30th of August from 4pm both days.

Three groups in Barry and Cardiff are urgently seeking support to help them win a share of a £1million prize pot – with just two weeks until voting closes.

The Intersensory Club in Barry, the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and the YMCA Barry gymnastics club are representing Persimmon Home East Wales through its building futures campaign and could receive £100,000 each.

The three organisations have been shortlisted to compete against groups from across the UK in categories targeting grassroots sports groups, health organisations and arts & education projects.

One initiative from each category will go on to win £100,000, decided on the highest number of public votes. There will be a £50,000 second prize and a £20,000 third prize in each sector, while the remaining 87 shortlisted projects will each receive £5,000.

Members of the public are being urged to vote daily for the East Wales groups to help them secure the top prize. Voting closes at midnight on Friday, September 27.

The Intersensory Club provide specialist equipment and facilities for disabled children and young people allowing them to part take in sport and leisure activities. The club are nominated for Persimmon’s top prize in the health category. The donation would be used to purchase a wheelchair accessible minibus.

The YMCA Barry gymnastics club are in the running for the building futures sports top prize. The sports club is very popular in the local area and caters for all abilities in Men’s and Women’s gymnastics. The club would use the money to buy new gymnastics apparatus, as well as setting up a satellite club in the rural Vale of Glamorgan.

The Wales Millennium Centre will represent the arts and education category at the national final. The centre has staged many acclaimed touring productions from musical theatre and comedy to dance, cabaret and an international festival. If chosen, the money from the top prize would be used to cover the cost of the work it does with children across Wales.

Building Futures is being delivered through the Persimmon Charitable Foundation, which last year donated £620,000 to support children’s sport.

Martin Smith, managing director of Persimmon Homes East Wales, said: “Building Futures aims to create a long-lasting legacy on young people and the groups that support them.

“The deadline is fast approaching, so we urge the public to get voting for these fantastic East Wales groups.”

Votes can be placed by visiting The winners will be announced at a gala dinner at York Racecourse on Tuesday, October 8.

The Rotary Club of Llantwit Major, in consultation with  Transport for Wales, have adopted the town’s train station, the club plan to bring a new light into the station with a checklist of improvements.

Their checklist will include lighting, waiting areas, seating, signage, litter bins, shelters, information screens and graffiti. With data being sent to Transport for Wales when necessary.

The original station opened in 1897, but closed for most passengers in 1964 with one exception occurring in 1965 when the royal train carrying the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh stopped at the station for them to visit Atlantic College. The line remained open for freight and through traffic.

In 2005 the expansion of the town led to the rebuilding and reopening of the station to all passengers.

Since then, the number of people using the station have increased, and so have the frequency of trains.

Jeff Robinson of the club told the GEM that following a meeting with managers from Transport for Wales, club members will monitor the station every week to review its facilities.

Club President Anthony Pugh also told the GEM  that the station had become an integral transportation link for the people of Llantwit Major, and that the club was pleased to help maintain this important asset to a high standard for the benefit of its users.


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