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11th January 2020

Barry's Zoe Raises Near 7K In Birthday Charity Challenge

BY: Ben Dain-Smith

Zoe Selby raised an impressive £6920 for charity over a 30 challenge campaign based around her 30th birthday.

Credit: Zoe Selby

At a celebration last night, Zoe revealed the final amount raised which has been shared out between The Barry Round Table, Welsh Hearts, Wales Air Ambulance, AP Cymru and Cardiff Dogs Home.

Mrs Selby got the idea for the campaign out of the blue after a tough couple of years, losing both her Father and Grandmother in 2016 and 2018 respectively. She told us, " I decided I could enter my 30s unhappy and feeling low, or set myself this challenge where I would focus on getting people out of their comfort going and doing things together. Meeting new people and reigniting my passion for fundraising and making a difference."

So that is exactly what she did. Zoe decided to take on 30 challenges before she turned 30, including a Bungee Jump, a New Year's Day Dip, a 10 mile walk in Roath Park and a Custard Bath. A Facebook page was set up to follow Zoe's progress and encourage donations for the campaign.

Credit: Zoe Selby

Zoe told us her main highlights and memorable moments were "watching new people join in. Even as we got to event 20 and further along we had new people coming. I’ve made new friends and got a new hobby, ( I took up flying trapeze at Up Side Down circus after the circus day). I loved the circus day and flames and games. I loved the circus as a child we went a lot as a family."

She went on to say, "The bungee jump was the one that I was a little scared of, the only one that made me feel a little fear, but I loved it so much so I want to do a higher one this year for charity at some point. Just seeing people come together and support me it was an emotional year."

Credit: Zoe Selby

Zoe would like to give special thanks to: Mark Selby (Husband), Caitlin James (Sister and Social Queen), Lenise James (Mum), Courtney Smith (Brother In Law), Joanne Patch (Friend), Glyn Warren (Friend), Sara Bell (Friend) without whom she says she couldn't have completed this wonderful challenge.

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