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27th November 2019

Captains Wife confirm filled in Dovecote will be reopened

BY: Nathan Spackman

Mitchells & Butlers, the owners of the Captains Wife pub in Sully has confirmed the 100-year-old Dovecote located outside the Pub will be re-opened later today.

It follows public pressure on the company, after it blocked up the structure designed to house pigeons or doves, which it sighted was undertaken based on health and safety concerns.

It has been reported online, that following a gatethering of local residents on Tuesday night a small number of holes on the Dovecote were re-opened.

Posts on social media including on the 'Sully Village Hub' and 'Caerphilly Bird Rescue' Facebook pages have received much public response.

There has also been claims that the pub had trapped the doves inside the dovecote with metal rods, leaving them with no way of getting out.

In an email shared on the Caerphilly Bird Rescue Facebook page on Tuesday morning the CEO of Mitchells and Butlers said "The Dovecote will be unblocked today I'm told, and the local team will work with the local rescue team."

"I am sorry that this situation arose and that clearly insufficient thought or care was given to resolving this issues"

"I realise that the damage has already been done, but I hope that we will at least be able to help some of the birds today."

Local residents attended the pub on Tuesday evening to help rescue the doves, along with Ray from Caerphilly Bird Rescue, both of which says they were greeted by scenes of doves clinging onto branches of a nearby tree.

An attempt was made by the bird rescue to go and asses the doves on Tuesday evening but Caerphilly Bird Rescue say they were threatened with police and force to leave.

Following public outcry, this morning Mitchell and Butler have stated that the Dovecote will be reopened later today.
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