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14th November 2019

Two Vale Chip Shops named among the best in the UK

BY: Ben Dain-Smith

The UK's best Chip Shops have been revealed and there are 13 restaurants from Wales listed among them, two of which are based in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Good Food Awards were launched back in 2002 and started recognising quality chip shops in their own category from 2016.

Published at the start of November 2019, the Good Food Awards 2020 were curated over the previous year, with a team evaluating customer feedback to find chip shops that have, "demonstrated exceptional levels of food quality, service and value when compared to industry benchmarks."

"With some 535,912 eating establishments within the UK, competition for our Good Food Award was unsurprisingly tough", said the executive editor of the Good Food Awards. "A record number of UK food premises brought a record number of entrants and winners. Some 10,277 votes were cast for the finalists by readers, customers and fans alike."

Fat Boys Fish & Chips - Barry

In the Vale of Glamorgan, Fat Boys Fish and Chips, at 25 Holton Road in Barry, and Plassey Fish Bar, of 87 Plassey Street in Penarth, were both recognised in a list of 13 top Fish and Chip Shops in Wales.

Plassey's Fish Bar - Penarth

When asked how they felt to be on this prestigious list, Leighton from Fat Boys Fish and Chips told Bro Radio, "Still a bit overwhelmed really, for a shop that's only been open for 12 months, and with no background in Fish and Chips, we're so proud to be on there".

As alluded to, Leighton had no experience in Fish and Chips prior to opening the shop. He had previously served a stint in the army, before moving onto a career in finance. Years later, after unfortunately being made redundant from The Royal Bank of Scotland, Leighton plucked up the courage to start Fat Boys with the support of his partner Anthony. Fat Boys celebrated their first birthday on the 29th October this year.

Bro went on to enquire how they'd come so far in one year. He said, " I'm a bit of a control freak, haha! We aimed to have affordable, good quality food for the people of Barry and also be able to reach out to those who couldn't get to the shop with our delivery service. We've just focused on high standards and doing what we set out to do and thankfully, it has been successful and well received!"

One of Fat Boys delicious menu items

Finally, Bro had to ask about the shop's name, "Fat Boys", where did that one come from? "Haha! It's fair to say that neither me, nor my partner are the slimmest people in the world, and that was the name we came up with!" laughed Leighton. "My mother said we couldn't call it that because we wouldn't get any customers, but happily it seems we've proved that wrong!"

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