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125 energy-saving LED lanterns to be installed in Penarth's Victorian-style lampposts


Work will shortly begin on installing 125 energy-saving LED lanterns to Penarth’s Victorian-style lampposts as part of a wider rollout across the County.

The lanterns attach to the existing lighting columns so are sympathetic to the town’s history and work is taking place following close consultation with Penarth Civic Society.

Generating less heat, the new lanterns are more environmentally friendly and have been introduced in line with the Council’s Energy Reduction Strategy.

The lanterns will be fitted to the columns currently in place to preserve Penarth’s tradition and special identity.

One of the problems with retaining the old Victorian columns is that the internal space is too small to house the electrical connections so a small pillar, similar in design to the columns, will be located alongside them to house the wiring.


Cllr Peter King said: “These new lanterns use significantly less energy than the previous lighting system so are much better for the planet and our contractor starts work on the installation in February.

“I know how proud Penarth residents are of the town’s heritage, so our officers have worked hard to establish an arrangement where the old cast columns can remain and we are extremely grateful for the input of the Penarth Civic Society, who have assisted us in this work.”

David Noble, Trustee and Treasurer of Penarth Civic Society, said: “Penarth Civic Society would like to applaud the fact that the Vale of Glamorgan Council was willing to listen to the concerns of the community about the original plan to replace the columns with modern galvanised posts. Having listened to the argument, the Council was able to come up with a solution that ensured the iconic original columns could be saved.”

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