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Administration blocks moves to Scrap Parking Charges in the Vale of Glamorgan

The leader of the Conservatives in the Vale of Glamorgan Council has accused the Labour Administration of "rank hypocrisy", after it voted against a Conservative motion calling for the scrapping of Car Parking Charges in the Vale at Monday's full Council Meeting.
But the Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Councillor Neil Moore has said "the system of charging as proposed by the previous administration will not be implemented."
On April 4th - members from all parties spoke against the proposal during a meeting of the Council's Environment & Regeneration Committee, where Councillors and members of the public were given an opportunity to discuss proposals for parking charges.
During the scrutiny meeting Labour Councillor and now Cabinet Member, Councillor Lis Burnett described the plans as "flawed", and labelled the proposals for Penarth as "a Joke".
During a Full Council Meeting on Monday (29th July) a motion was submitted by Cllrs Vincent Bailey and Vince Driscoll which they hoped would secure cross-party support.
The motion which was defeated 29 - 14 stated:
The Vale of Glamorgan Council:
  • Regrets Cabinet proposals to introduce car parking charges in the Vale;
  • Notes the devastating impact that the proposals - as currently drafted - would have on High Streets across the Vale, and on a trade at Barry Island;
  • Calls on the new Administration to scrap the proposed charges, and to endorse cross-party recommendations of the two main Scrutiny Committees.
Cllr Vincent Bailey said “It is deeply disappointing that the Labour Party has refused to back our motion and kick these flawed proposals for parking charges into touch.
“This is an issue of trust and public confidence in the new administration, and Vale residents will be stunned by the change in tone from the new Leadership.
“The fact is, these proposals for parking charges would have a devastating impact on High Streets across the Vale - and in particular trade on Barry Island.
“Vale Conservatives remain committed to fighting the plans, and we will be working with local traders to ensure that any new strategy for parking protects the integrity of local businesses and does not act as a tax on local residents.”

Cllr Neil Moore commented,  “I have already made it perfectly clear that the system of charging as proposed by the previous administration will not be implemented. Indeed a full review of the policy is already underway and will be considered fully in the near future.”

"I accept that we may have to make some charges (as we do now in some areas), because it costs money to provide car parking.  However, the challenge will be to make it sensible, realistic and fair for everybody and work towards cost neutrality. We also have to look at ways to charge visitors to the County, who make no other contribution to the council."

“As I said when I took on the role of Leader, this administration is not going to rush big decisions. We are not, however, going to duck them either.”

“Providing first class public services costs money and with budgets continuing to be cut by National Government, we have no alternative than to look to generate income. Where we do this we will of course be sensible, and any charges for services proposed will be realistic.

“Cllr Bailey knows full well that there is no alternative to working in this way. While he may be willing to shirk his responsibilities to the community that elected him and see the services that we all value so highly be radically reduced or cease altogether, as Leader of the Council, I will not.”

“It is was also interesting to note that the Conservatives are not singing from the same hymn sheet either.  On the one hand they didn’t want charges at all, whereas others also called for charging in some circumstances.  They can’t have it both ways.”

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