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Amelia Trust Farm Looking To Re-Home Giant African Land Snail Babies


Amelia Trust Farm are looking for responsible owners for their Giant African Land Snail babies.

The educative countryside sanctuary took to their social media to inform their followers that the animals are now big enough and ready to be re-homed.

According to Amelia Trust, snails make excellent pets as they are reasonably low maintenance and easy to look after. The creatures are herbivorous and happy to survive on extras from the house such as cucumber, apples, potatoes or lettuce.

Giant African Land Snails can live in any plastic or glass container with a secure lid, as long as they are kept at a constant temperature of between 20-26C. Their tank will need to be cleaned once a month.

Within their post on Facebook, Amelia Trust Farm also notified those who might be considering adopting the animals of a relatively unique quirk of the species. They said:

"They (Giant African Land Snails) are hermaphrodite, meaning they are both male and female, so they can breed with any two snails. They can be housed in large groups, but eggs will be laid! They breed about 5 times a year but the eggs can be frozen to prevent babies if you do not want them. Snails can be handled safely and carry little chance of infection or disease unlike reptile."

The creatures live for between 5- 7 years and make a great starter pet for young children. Those interested in re-homing a snail are asked to get in touch with Amelia Trust Farm via email at:

You will be asked to come along to collect, you will need a plastic container with lid and air holes to transport the snail/s. We ask for a donation of £5 which will go towards our animal care costs.

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