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Anger at plans to build a 70-bed care home in countryside near Cardiff


A care company is planning to build a 70-bed care home in the countryside near Cardiff, causing anger among neighbours.

Castleoak Care Developments wants to build the new care home off the Port Road near Wenvoe, south of Culverhouse Cross. The building will be two and half storeys tall.

The planning committee at the Vale of Glamorgan council will vote on whether to grant permission for the plans at a public meeting on Wednesday, November 25.

Local residents writing to the council raised concerns about traffic, congestion and pedestrian safety, as the Port Road can often get busy. Others were worried that the care home would overlook their gardens, impacting on privacy.

Parry Edwards, who lives nearby, said: “I appreciate the need for more care homes in the area, but this one is so large, sited on a very busy noisy road with access off the A4050 which is often gridlocked with traffic queuing up to Culverhouse, and with a high level of pollution from stationary vehicles.

“I question the pedestrian links to Wenvoe village — to cross the A4050 can be suicidal at peak times, and frail elderly residents will not be able to integrate with the community.


“This is an over development of the site and an intrusion into the countryside where no development has been previous years.”

Wendy Harvey, who also lives nearby, said: “When I bought my property nine years ago, we put a lot of thought into the location. I did not want a property that was overlooked by neighbours.

“If this huge development goes ahead, I will have no privacy whatsoever in my back, side or front gardens.

“I will never be able to enjoy a cup of tea in my garden in private, ever again. I strongly oppose this development. To put such a huge property on the site of one former residential house, which is neighboured by family homes, is shocking.”

Vale council planning officers are recommending that the committee approve the plans, due to the significant need for new care homes in the area. Planners also said the care home would create local jobs, and large trees would block views of the building from the road.

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2 comments on “Anger at plans to build a 70-bed care home in countryside near Cardiff”

  1. Amazing news, we need Care homes,we are all going to get old! Have you experienced the nhs in llandough? Dismal!!

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